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Owner of red hen in lexington virginia to leave because i propose and i left her action say far more about her than about me free person interject a funny thing this was written up in the in the kind of an interesting publication called the heavy the staff because it was a gay issue that they were bitching about end it was over the trump's refusal at transgenders in the army so it had nothing to do with the kids in cages no and on this misremembered but i think the woman who owned the the restaurant us she's the one who introduced that topic so it wasn't really misreported just was under reported but i was reading this about the complaining about transgenders not being on the server in the military and i'm thinking when did the democrats in the ever you know be so pro military and they all want to serve and go to war no no no stop stop stop this is where you're making a thinking mistake the gays do not like the trans they don't like the not say in gays in the military don't ask don't tell all that no trans they hate trans people in general there's a huge drew rift between gay men and trans m f for fm doesn't matter which way they're going so of course they're gonna say that he's actually it's actually quite rude and aggressive i find the whole thing to be off center but let's finish this clip i'm the owner of red hen in lexington virginia to leave because i propose and i play left her action say far more about her than about me i want a nation to treat every person with dignity and compassion and fairness her father mike huckabee coming to defense tweeting bigotry on the menu at red hen restaurant in lexington virginia for you could ask for the hate plate and appetizers are small plates for small mind the former governor posting this tweet saying nancy pelosi introduces her campaign committee for the take back of the house sanders is not the first number of the administration to face public outrage homeland security secretary kirstin nelson heckled last week at a mexican restaurant executable tonight inside the white house sources telling abc news officials are suffering from whiplash blaming white house aides stephen miller pushing zero tolerance policy site or the feeling of families being separated and now are left scrambling to implement the executive order stopping the separation of family and tara now joins us from the white house and tara sources are telling you members of congress may have new legislation to fix an issue with the president's executive order wit senior white house and hill officials tell me that if a larger immigration bill fails to pass the congress next week they're preparing a more narrow bill that would allow children to stay with their parents and detention centers for more than twenty days a vote on that bill could come as early as tuesday night jeez this so stupid this whole thing and view a write about the i was thinking that the next outrage would be migrant children drugged without consent in besides the fact that news media can't discuss pharmaceuticals in that manner this also really started in two thousand ten obama's years and this lawsuits that deals specifically with twenty ten and forcibly injecting children with psychotropic drugs yeah so yeah so we're not going to tell you about that not trump we're not going to bring that up and kirsten nielsen was all her they went the protests went to her house and we're in front of her house playing the the sound of the crying children and chanting and all of this of course is is encouraged by members of congress put up a list here of democratic colleagues of yours who've called for the resignation of kristen nielsen the secretary of homeland security in light of what we've seen happen over the last few days are you going to add your name to those ranks do you think she should step aside absolutely she should step aside i have no sympathy but these people that are in this administration who you know no it's wrong what they're doing on so many fronts but they tend to not want to confront this president even leave but they know what they're doing is wrong and i wanna tell you but these members of his cabinet who remain and try to defend him him they're not gonna be able.

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