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Of rise package. Love. Hello stale ones. I stepped on how Hello stale ones. I'm so sorry. I did that. Hello stale ones as buddy love. He was a professor on campus to the nutty professor. They original not that bad remake. University. Hosts no whites allowed faculty and staff listening sessions to promote inclusivity. Wake Forest university is hosting a series of what they're calling listening sessions. It's like Frazier crane. They're listening for faculty and staff of color that aim to advance inclusion efforts on campus. I talk about it all the they have no sense of irony. They don't know. What words mean there's I've discovered this overtime the people on the left. They don't understand. A lot of words. What words mean inclusivity is is a word that has actual. Meaning they can look it up in Webster's dictionary don't even have to go to the unabridged dictionary. And they'll find the definition there. And what they're doing here is the opposite of inclusive. I know it's Wake Forest university. And who am I to judge? But but inclusivity isn't defined defined by exclusivity. I just it's kind of unusual. I know they have a very inclusive country club up the road. Where no blacks are Jews are allowed see how it's very inclusive. It's an inclusive club just no blacks, or he knows Spanish speaking, people are or Jewish people that's or gay people, but other than that's very inclusive using the listening sessions come amid ongoing racial tensions on campus. I wonder whether racial tensions come from on campus, including a protest Monday at which some students decried the white supremacy that allegedly runs rampant at the private North Carolina institution. Now, I love campuses are hotbeds of racism anti-semitism, and sexism and homophobia and transphobia around the country. I know this because they're always having issues with it. Constantly it never stops there. Fuck OT on stuff colleagues. This is a reminder about our uncut are upcoming listening sessions on inclusion that I'm holding for faculty and staff of color over the next several weeks. Really just no sense of irony. They don't know what the word irony means. They have had their ability to recognize irony surgically removed or they were born without it's defective. Some kind they literally people on the left. Literally don't understand the concept of irony. There is that who is that a lettuce Morissette is that with the isn't it ironic song with what is she what her ironic things like having a thousand spoons when all you need is a fork says that one of them that's not irony. It's like rain on your wedding day. That's not irony. These are not ironic things. The only thing ironic about the song is the title because there's nothing in the song. That's rennick. Literally don't understand irony. And neither does the the staff and faculty at Wake Forest university. This is what I just read is from the April eighteenth Email from Michelle Gillespie, the dean of the college to campus employees for faculty and staff. Jeff who identify as faculty and staff of color. You don't actually have to call. You just have to identify that way. And I like of color. I think what they mean is what they're driving at is colored people. These are not progressive people. These are not liberals these people are racists, their segregationists. They're bigots. They are dividers and not United and they do it. Of course, all in the name of inclusivity, Monday, April twenty second at four PM in Z Esau roomful seventy six we'll be joined by associate dean, Erica still. I certainly hope she's not white. This is just for they identify and then separately. See they have faculty and staff who identifies faculty and staff of color. They have one meeting and then for staff see there now excluding faculty and separating the staff from the faculty in order to be more divisive..

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