Stephanie, Monfort Dame, West House discussed on Angela Yee's Lip Service


Like the three you know we as in Stephanie wasn't what it thinks. It should should be very honest with you. Got Lie on this podcast all the time. They think I'm the big I I have no memory. I smoke weed every was I can't in every day things stuff and he I came around. I didn't see a the body for a month. She had a Hoodie on. She was on a period for every time. I got some blood my leg or some shit like she will vote later. Sun came out and I came out in my thong rocky. Weather Balloons Awesome Matt. It wasn't it wasn't wherever you this. I know West House six months later I Beyond no no no way no. Let's not get it fucked up by Monfort Dame is like okay. Aw paying big day.

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