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Mcculloch's still supports cash. Bail so as we approach local elections on, August, seventh let's demand the county prosecutor Bob McCulloch publicly commit to end cash bail because money shouldn't determine one's freedom because challenger Wesley bell is made this commitment So why. Can't Bob, McCulloch the ACLU does not. Endorse riposte candidates for office that's hilarious by the way the reason. Wesley bell oppose it because there was a, federal, lawsuit launched by the art city defenders that took him on and he was required by the federal courts to stop the cash bail in the city Charlie begins in the Guinness. Book of world records as? The world's tallest monument our talking about yesterday aero. Would've turned. One eight had, he lived he designed the arch never saw it and I said is it a sculpture or is it a building well it's not the world's tallest monument it's the tallest man made monument in the United States Currently thirty guests really interesting? Talks, about the business in St Louis. And crow that was awesome that was key helper yesterday And, your other guests. ACLU was toll or online They're both. In their during a calf contrast of each other Jeff Weltman was with us from. The ACLU and we appreciated him dropping by it I found him to be very articulate spokesman for the ACLU Just someone other than Charlie Brennan I would troll I wonder if Charlie is ever, hit his wife on this show.

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