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And my responded to questions about Iraq welcome the chase you POS. the Iran deal of twenty fifteen we were told is either this deal or war to my knowledge checking the headlines tonight we don't seem to be in a shooting war with Iran so I guess there are other metaphors but in any event Iran is doing us the favor of speaking aloud about how they do not intend to comply or maintain compliance or transparency or permit inspections or do anything that is consistent with the promises they made in J. C. P. O. LA a it is to your knowledge about com is this non compliance it issue for our European allies that remain reluctant to recognize it doesn't appear so at because their friendship tone about a fifteen billion dollar bailout and a by pass of American sanctions talk about stakes next even the one French officials said today that none of this happens until the Ron pledges compliance with the U. N. requirements and but in the meantime there's a delegation in Paris today of Iranians who are trying to finalize the details France won't reveal them at the United States has said clearly that they will not allow the fifteen billion dollars at anybody that that's what subject people to to sanctions and that more sanctions are coming the United States in fact now offered fifteen million dollars for leads to disrupt the IGC operations which is a large shipping network that supposedly. stop off a half a billion dollars in oil last year and is still trying to do them in sell Iranian oil in Spain headed by the former minister of petroleum so it's it's with the fictional okay and it's directed by the I. R. G. C. from the information that we have a Iran blocked the U. N. from inspecting the site that Israel identified with they said that the the the there was a a storage place for three hundred tons of nuclear related equipment in fifth including fifteen kilograms of radioactive material the Iranians said no more no T. inspections and now how many in direct response to your question. I said we are going to phase three of our withdrawing from the obligations of of the J. C. P. O. a squeeze publicly repudiating this at the same time the two Europeans are bending over backwards trying to find ways to induce them even though they are blatantly saying we're in violation and the the United States sanction twenty six peoples and an entity's these are effective sanctions us most tied to the R. G. C. L. chords and the the year shipping that but the French are sending all the wrong signs even if they say that they have to be in compliance with the F. E. T. F. you know the financial action task force conditions but there's no way that they have till now been in compliance and they also have to show that they're not to comply with the you know into in in terms of the money laundering that they are in forcing the money laundering restrictions so far none of this happened in the last sanctions US put was on the space program because they're developing ballistic missiles under the guise of a space program that we've talked about you know for four satellites for peaceful purposes when in fact they were using it for the ballistic missiles that will carry warheads there's a lot of fact based policy going on with the trump administration I've I don't I don't want them to get ahead of themselves let's go to the Iranian regime they fired their airforce chief in may man it's been in his job for nine years what did he do what's what he didn't do it it's more likely the story and it's really interesting because we were all waiting for the shoe to drop this is the begin to general is my yearly who was fired because he did not he didn't reveal the violations of Iranian airspace by Israeli Air Force F. thirty five jet fighters and it's interesting that Iran's air defense system did detective but nor did the Russian S. three hundred anti missile system detect them and and respond and Israeli kept information secret it seems and it was reported how many suspects the Russians gave Israel the secret code to access the S. three hundred radar and to be activated L. when they carried out the raid which sent an important message to Khomeini that he is not beyond reach a he keeps thinking that you know they will be able to strike Israel they're moving people out of main city centres and therefore Israel's retaliation won't be as effective well he got it he got a wake up call about the when Israel make clear that they have the capacity to knock on his door now can you recall an incident late in the late in the Cold War when a young person from Germany landed a small aircraft in Moscow's Red Square and there was no explanation for the the fact that the famed Russian defense network did did. right and may be used to smuggle out and I'm on this are comparable issue you know the big bad wolf doesn't have any lies if in the F. thirty five can go in and out of your air space even if the airforce generalize about it Malcolm that's a problem it is a problem especially that that's why I think there was so embarrassed by. Mr defense and and the fact that they were so exposed they are obviously you know trying to shore up their defenses we know now the new base at first base from scratch I think that that could his building in the rock in they're planning to to put thousands of troops there and perhaps guided missiles and thinking that they will not draw fire from Israel or at least if Israel has to re aspen to it it'll hit in Iraq and not in in Iran but I think the the are the sanctions which are working of both of his below and on on the run a a if the Europeans would only go along and with with a shake up in terms of of the response to to what is being done and to Iran's aggression we we saw a case that was revealed today of two Iranians who came with false passports Argentina where we know that Iranian agents carried out the suicide bombings a few years ago that were devastating and they carried for full force passports claiming to be Israelis when in fact they clearly weren't and I've been arrested so we have so many cases of a run aggression Iran it actions to destabilize regimes with her doing that with the who sees what they're doing in Saudi Arabia it cetera that the the European okay your actions can only encourage them to believe in to reset today the US treasury is nothing more than a jail warden. because he knows that this is it is having an impact and that they are deeply concerned about the long term implications Malcolm do you think all these moths I use an Assyrian word my mother taught me I don't have much of that but in any event these maaf that's made a big deals do you think they'll have accounts and apartments in Paris waiting for. they always have had a you you member to Las the minister of defense the infamous one I know that he had that he went to Paris in fact and this was the place where many of them kept money it's one of the reasons why the sanctions against the Jamaal bank is important because it was a transfer point for them many of the leadership go to Paris and we know that they have funds is sequestered and if we know it we could guess at I imagine certain authorities with notice well I wonder often when sections really begin to fight you could send somebody his private banking number from Paris along with the photographs of his Peter chair that is not a longer wait for that would be I would be persuasive Balcom of these it was certainly be strong message. I can't imagine who would have that good information not come good it said we're gonna do gooders quick all right I'm a cancer survivor yes you and I pay close attention because once you what you want you cross the line and a cancer survivor you are keen on other people joining you and you have information from Israel it seems exceedingly promising for the twenty first century Israel's you know as I technician in the start up nation and they produced often together with the United States with researchers in both countries but you you have a case of Dr Sharon charm who just received FDA approval this week for a in a pivotal trial for X. P. O. V. I. O. I don't know how to pronounce it but the forty percent of leukemia patients so they're trimmers tumors shrink while patient life expectancy increased three to five times and the drug is undergoing advanced clinical trials for patients with myeloma lymphoma sarcoma you during cancer and brain cancer it's it's it's so hopeful and so wonderful that if Israel didn't have to spend all of the energy that it does on defense and fighting terrorism itself can only imagine how many more things like this would come at out of the it creative in but moan and mines and environment that exists there Malcolm hotline conference of presidents of major American Jewish organizations the only man who can do is really politics in less than two minutes and we're going to Israel next to talk about Israeli politics and I'll ask Malcolm that question about groundhog day one more time John laughs. balance of nature changing the world one life at a time when I hear your guys commercial almost everything that happens with a lot of these people like yours game and everything I mean that so let me live sixteen are yet arthritis in my hands and my all calls from doing carpet games game in Pauley non you don't notice it when it first happened but as time goes by that used to hurt her anymore you know I mean you don't mean a thing it's just gone it just all these little things that. experience.

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