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This do do you have it here yeah hair jeff this is what trump is threatened what i said okay that's good executive chris chris how 'bout you interim associate producer rosh rush patel and he said that he'll come up with something it's taken a longtime he finally get the hamsters on the wheel to print run fast enough to to put together something and this is from raj patel are up he's filling in for associate producer david tonight on five all this is good this is good signing day law rogers that's l though nah as he's out dunham self this is this you are allowed to come back i was not allow on rajoub unless it was good enough this is goal israel goal vicky gives a big user you know it took me a i hear allowed a loud noise backed up is it a call center still a threat that goes under okay are you still paying address i love it you will not really about lawyer took me to display solid together you had the splice audiotape oh yes the you don't have a program that handle that only computer no not yet well this is amazing this you will be done out of executive producer okay though was that with that movie that he did that the new the beginning part all that liberals a doctor strange move that's it and then was the bombs rv endeavor strength glorious via zillow fears and then you portal of these are the real blame these are the flames of hell actually that's a forest fire.

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