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Change. 4 30. Live from KQED News. I'm terrorist. Tyler, San Francisco's School board president is calling a lawsuit filed against the district by the city Petty and embarrassing. City maintains the district lacks a plan to safely reopened public schools during the pandemic Cuties Katie Orr reports. San Francisco City attorney Dennis Herrera says the district is dragging its feet. Despite multiple health department, saying schools can safely reopen with precautions. The school district in the Board of Education seemed to have no plan for how or when in person instruction will begin for any of its students. School board president Gabriella Lopez says Herrera and Mayor London Breed are playing politics with the suit. We have made progress, while the city and county has failed to provide the necessary tools for our city to safely return like testing and vaccines. She says. Everyone want schools to reopen and that this is embarrassing for the city. I'm Katie or kick you. Edie News Governor Gavin Newsom says he won't name a nominee for California attorney general until current Eiji Javi or viscera is confirmed as President Joe Biden's new health secretary. KQED POLITICS reporter Guy Maserati has more. At a Wednesday press conference with East Bay officials. Newsome joke that California's next top law enforcement officer might be within earshot. I think there are five candidates for attorney general behind me. All eyes turned to Oakland Assemblyman Rob Bonta, a leading contender for the job who happened to be standing right behind Newsome L. A congressman Adam Schiff and Sacramento Mayor Gerald Steinberg are also said to be a Newsome short list. I'm very close to making that decision, But the decision will wait until this area is confirmed by the U. S. SENATE. No hearing is scheduled yet to take up his nomination. Newsome's potential replacement for Bezerra would need to be confirmed by the state Legislature. I'm guy Marzo Roddy KQED NEWS, California Highway Patrol officers shot and killed a man in Vacaville last Saturday night. Hey, cuties. Marco Siler. Gonzales reports. The Solano County district attorney is overseeing the investigation into the shooting. CHP officers responded to a solo crash along the shoulder of Interstate 80. In a statement, a spokeswoman for the Solano County D. A said two officers began questioning the man in the rec. Police say the man suddenly drew a loaded firearm. Both officers fired their weapons, killing the man. The D. A's office has identified the man as 29 year old Carl Walker, but did not release any more details on Walker or how many times the officer shot him. The California Highway Patrol says it is handing over the investigation to the Solano D A in the interest of transparency. I'm Marco Siler Gonzalez KQED NEWS The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority has agreed to a demand permits bus operators union to go back to rear door boarding in the midst of a spike in covert 19 cases at the agency. VI, Ta said. It will have passengers get on and off bus is at the back door and pause fare collections starting Monday. John Courtney is president of 80 you local to 65. I applaud the agency for for making this effort. We could possibly potentially be saving lives here, and I think I really think we are a total of 176 V ta workers have tested positive for the Corona virus, and there's been one death. The agency used rear door boarding for the first few months of the pandemic. Ah measure that cost more than a million dollars a month in mist fares. Contra Costa County is the latest of six local governments to cap fees. Third party food delivery services can charge restaurants during the pandemic. Door dash, grubhub and uber eats and the like are now could only charge up to 15% of the total order placed to their APS 10% if the order was picked up by the customers at the restaurant..

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