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Not the only Michigan slash patriot great. Tilana has been there and done. That should be a hall of Famer town. He's constantly on the cusp right now, and he will be here in studio, our number three and television audience. He's like, hey, do I need to wear a suit. Is it okay if I dress casual like sure. I have no idea how casual he will be. So stay tuned for that short situation don't know sandals. Maybe Peter Peter was rocking the the shorts the other day for the television audience. That's our number three. Chris Peterson, the head coach of the currently preseason ranked number six, Washington huskies in a couple of weeks from now in the in the spot where the soup bowls can be played this year, the neutral site not so neutral. I guess if auburn's all they're going to just take the short trip from the state of Alabama, Auburn versus Washington. I love that week. One opening weekend match up. That's one of the more marquee events of the opening weekend of college football, Chris Peterson will join us talk a little Pac, twelve football. He had Ryan leaf speak to the team recently, you know, Ryan leaf was, we all know is a Washington state alum, an interesting choice. Obviously, there's lots going on off the field in college football that Ryan leaf can. Put some information in the heads of all those Washington huskies up there and Seattle. So we'll ask a lot of Chris Peterson when he joins us here on the show. Hard knocks went down last night episode. Number two, we got a really up close. Look see of the Corey Coleman departure, Antonio Calloway playing an entire preseason game for punishment. And you know a lot of people like saying that that was punishment, but we think so when you were young player, you need as many reps. Do you know how many people make teams by an end would love to get fifty seven reps in a preseason game. Yeah, but they, they drafted him expecting him to contribute this year. Trading Corey college of the Coleman trae though, man, he's out there running with guys who aren't going to be on the team, so that is kind of punishment, not punishment. It's it's if you wanna call it anything, it's it's potentially stupid, you know, oh yeah. You're actually making major like we'll show you go out there and play in the fourth quarter against guys. They're going to be working at the Home Depot with all due respect in a couple of weeks. But this kid is going to have to be rehabilitated mentally or off the field, whatever's going on between this kid's temples. What is that alert them by playing them all four preseason quarters against the giants. What what you do is you need that kid out there for the for the for the season. You need them. Does Brian showing up tomorrow where Suman they're going to sign him and we're Suming, Josh Gordon's gonna come back at some point. But it was another interesting look behind the scene for the Cleveland Browns. Maybe he'll give us everyone who who hasn't seen any full update later on the show we will. But Jalen Ramsey's interview that was published and posted today by g. q. has taken the National Football League world by storm because rarely do you see a defensive back talk so openly about quarterbacks that he will have to one day presumably shut down because everybody does eventually play everybody in the NFL at some point and very rarely do they talk so openly about how poor of the quarterbacks that they're planning on shutting down. Our very rarely does anybody call another player in the NFL trash multiple Tyler. Okay. Very rarely. Do you see anybody just go out and talk the talk the way the Jalen Ramsey did two gentlemen's quarterly, very, very gentlemanly. It was. It was not not even quarterly was the conversation gentlemanly in this interview that was put out there in a very, I guess, an acuity style with by the reporter Klay skipper who spoke to assume Jalen Ramsey over the summer and with Jalen Ramsey suspended for a week for either fighting or barking at a local reporter on Twitter. I don't know how soon we're gonna get Jalen Ramsey presented to respond to some of these says just before Memorial Day..

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