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The Great Fail


Anticipated boxing match. Between junior welterweights, Hector camacho and Vinny pazienza. 50 miles into the flight, disaster struck. The rotors stopped spinning and detached, tumbling through the air. The helicopter went into a tailspin spiraling downward until it fell into a wooded area along the New Jersey coastline. It crashed into a median on the garden state Parkway. There were no survivors. The media anxiously stood by for more information on the deadly crash, but it would be mister Donald Trump that eventually stole the show when he revealed his own brush with death. He told a reporter that he had been slated to be on that flight with his casino executives, but by sheer luck was pulled out of the chopper last minute due to another engagement. In other words, he was lucky to be alive. The media went into a frenzy with headlines like Donald Trump narrowly escapes death with helicopter crash, and Donald Trump decided not to go at the last minute. That was only four months after Trump launched Trump shuttle. And the world was about to discover that there was a lot more to that story..

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