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One is eat at four seasons in what was it. Gp to f- to for the same team. Now i'm imagining. I'm your manager for a second and i'm thinking why am i keeping you at the same team for four years. What was the thinking behind them. Genuinely fascinated to know why you didn't maybe try and to two primary enough to. Yeah so it's a question because it definitely was. Mcdonald's is a great team yeah little slight on dams. But i'm just the whole time. And i mean to be honest it after the first year was a question mark and they they kind of knew. It was a question mark as well. Yeah i mean. At the time that i went into form the to bam's was one of the top teams. I think they were in the top three or top five teams in the first year. I was with them. And that was the euro teammates with alex. Lynn ann in two thousand sixteen and then was a very very difficult year. For whatever reason it just seems like the team had taken a step backwards. And i was for sure. Not the benchmark driver means first year. But i know i know. Alex was one of the championship favorites going into the year. We had a very very tricky year..

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