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Can behind him off taught my head. If I look here for a second. I can probably find it. Let me see here. Yeah. Melby? So she's going to be there. Yeah. So all for judges. We'll be back on this. And. Here's some of the acts that are going to be on here. And I don't recognize all of them. But like Jelica hail is going to be on this season. She was just one or two seasons ago. And she actually I believe was it was her or Darcy Lynn that season say recognize her who else do we have here they recognize because there's a lot of action. They're they're pulling acts not just from previous America's got talent. There's some people from Britain's got talent. And some winners some runner up some semi finalists some quarter-finalists. And so who else is gonna be on here? We've got a call in cloud. I think was on. Yeah. He was original. Britain's got talent. I and now he's going to he was also on season twelve and they just had their season thirteen Darcy and farmer who has been Trillo quest to. I think didn't amazing job in deserve to win. She's coming back who else. Do we have for? I recognize. Is did it a light balanced, which was actually ridge on? Britain's got talent. I did see that. And then they got third place on season twelve they weren't amazing act, by the way, you can check their previous acts on YouTube and a guy who just recently was on. Britain's got talent. And I have to say he was amazing. I gotta watch his accent. You should begin. What's called lost voice guy? He was a comedian. And by the way, very very funny comedian he's going to be on there this season Piff, the magic dragons going to be on there who has she shown up on a few seasons with Penn and teller recently who else is going to be here shin. Lim who was on last season. Who's in Boyle who was on Britain's got talent. And yeah, let's there's gonna be some amazing accident and be a lot of acts. And so far these are only certain acts that have been announced. I'm sure they'll be plenty more, and I think other than yeah. They're saying they're going to have from stray has got talent. Britain's got talent France has talent. Mexico got talent spun. Yeah, Italian's got talent. South Africa's got talents. There's gonna be a lot of different talent shows or they're going to be pulling, you know, different people from different, you know, seasons. And some of the students are more recent and some of the real seasons not so recent. So I don't think this is necessarily a bad idea for a show. I really don't. And what's a little weird to me, though, is they're pulling some people. It's like you were on here recently and told me wrong, it's not bad to see you again. Heck Darcy Lynn came on last season to do. A new song. And I said Piff the magic dragon. It's been on there once or twice in recent seasons and. So I don't know maybe they should have pulled people from late like further back scenes, maybe might have been thought. But they've done that on previous seasons to before. Darcy Lynn wine that season they had one the other venture one from like one of the first season's come on. So that was kinda cool preacher loss in which. I'm looking forward to seeing again. I thought he was really really funny last time. I think the only reason didn't win last time because it was just I've noticed the last few the last few seasons. All the finalists have been pretty good talented. They all have you're like, man. It's almost like, you know, who's going to take it..

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