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And a said of gravity of the bird is more devoted to bob reduces dr breitbart white because it has to became the heart of a whole new city renowned spanish architect santiago calatrava is one of the abroad minds behind greenwich peninsula an enormous new city within a city development here in london that's just one of the highlights will revisit on this special edition of section deemed palo from a dory health in london i'm ben ryland and you're listening to a special edition although al dedicated designed show section d over the next thirty minutes will round up some of the biggest design stories of the year including an exhibition that looked back at the lasting legacy of the high did she wouldn't have made the difference are what a dislike the difference between architecture and visual arts she would have wanted a harmonious and peaceful merging of both disciplines and as the united states has struggled to agree on what to do with the statues that recall it's difficult past we found out how the city of budapest put its uncontentious history into a new context the positioning of the statue parking so is very interesting because it's not in the center of the city is not in the middle of nowhere it just outside the city so it sort of shows the ambiguity of hungary's relationship with communism then will revisit the clever folk at fashion's dot up farfetched too.

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