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Other urban dale speedway is a place where kids could take the cars out not you know race on the main streets of chatsworth be can take your car out to irwindale and i think every mike once a month or pay a couple of buxin drive your car round will guess what else is closing not only joe's crab shack but their closing the irwindale speedway no way way what do we do with out there i don't know but of corn abc it's going it's finally final here and drivers told me that they just don't want to see people take risks out on real streets once this place here is gone yeah that's too bad man paul inside out and put down twenty bucks to raise a one eight mile track legal dragrace twenty bucks to deal right well no longer just over half of the funding you don't get out on the streets legally once they said this down there is i see no whereas you can take it to go racing jose sanchez at heart about irwindale a vet center shutting down irwindale city council members voted to close the property back in 2015 but it was wednesday when the official last day got put on the calendar we feel awkward keeping a number of people from doing it illegally this is only face where like if you have like a car like this you can actually come and like you know you know off your car in like shaw facet is yeah so why they closed gracious here worry about a spike in illegal street racing was entraps worth a few years ago where we com does does assertion abacha the serie of course they i keep an eye on that guy you know he's the back to the streets for you yeah abacha three three of course the oil it it is a guy gave us to be real would that be real value yeah i know as deal real with the euro it it be real entertainment man is not the only will lose something he feels his captive on the.

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