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Komo news. Coming up on KOMO news. I'm Charlie harder. First lady, Melania, Trump, visits Redmond and Microsoft headquarters. Why she was here. I'm see Romero. What's a momma's zone? You know, not a new marvel movie, but they do sound like they could be super bombs. King County executive Dell Constantine shares of very personal experience from last month point in time homeless killed after ABC news to go medical researchers cured a patient of HIV using transplanted stem cells that individual still HIV free. Now, we're hearing the for just the second time. The procedure has worked diagnosed in twenty three the man develop a cancer and agreed to a stem cell transplant from a donor with a natural resistance to HIV foundation for aids research, vice president Rowena Johnston says this is not for everybody. Survival rate is not very high, which is one of the reasons that a person living with HIV who does not also have a cancer really is not a candidate for this procedure who findings published in the journal nature. Disgraceful and abusive what the White House is calling the House Democrats new probe of President Trump. A house committee is launching a probe into possible. Obstruction of Justice corruption and abuse of power after campaigning on a promise to fix the roads. Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer will propose adding forty five cents a gallon of Michigan's gas statue all really twenty six cents. Richard cantu. ABC news. Komo news. One thousand ninety seven seven KOMO news time nine thirty one. Art Sanders and your top local stories from the KOMO twenty four seven newsroom a man's stole money. From a group of girls scout selling cookies epic UFC and Northgate on Sunday mother. Jennifer Hanson was there and saw the man approached the stance several times and even by some cookies before he made his move and stole the money. She says people have lined up to help out people have just been overwhelmingly kind asking if they can make donations and people that wanted to donate money. They don't need to donate to our trip in specific donating. Any troop? It all helps us if you'd like to help contact any girl scout Microsoft hosted a visit by the first lady today. Komo's Charlie Harger reports from Redmond it's meant to promote online safety for children among other things. Microsoft employees showed her the parental controls feature that comes with windows and XBox is. Call easier for people to find people choose the visit to Microsoft clocked in and a little more than an hour with the first lady heading back to Boeing field in flying to Las Vegas were another part of the tour next time focusing on opioid abuse. In Redmond, Charlie Harger, KOMO news. After winter storms a tornado blew through Washington. Last December, President Trump has approved federal aid for our state governor Inslee asked for assistance for fourteen counties that endured windstorms flooding landslides. And that unexpected tornado port orchard that caused an estimated one point eight million dollars in damage alone president's approval for federal funding is for state tribal and local governments to share for emergency repairs for nine Washington counties, including grays harbor, Snohomish, and Watkin counties. The Washington legislature has passed a measure that would move the state's presidential primary from may to March. Bill now heads to governor Jay Inslee for his signature that primary could include the governor on MSNBC tonight. Ensley said his message which focuses on climate change is connecting with voters contributors and data half from all fifty states. Proud to say we've raised her first million dollars. So apparently people out there. Share my passion for this. Subject in confidence the governor and presidential candidate on the Rachel meadow. Sean MSNBC was the first day of a passenger flights at Paine field than ever at the new terminal open to the public today in the first flight took off at ten o'clock headed for Portland. Snohomish county council chair Terry Ryan was on the inaugural flight and spoke with komo's before boarding this terminal. I think that is one of the nicest terminals in the country. When we did our first estimates a terminal cost to Scillies told us, it'd be about twelve nine dollars. Brett Smith is ward forty million dollars into this terminal. It's absolutely beautiful. Alaska air will operate eighteen daily nonstop flights at Paine field, mostly to west coast cities. Komo news time nine thirty four. Aaa traffic.

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