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Our phones are open eight eight eight nine one oh five one oh five obviously tough waking up this morning and seeing what's happening in our own backyard here is Birmingham erupted into violence and destruction last night there were protests in Hoover on Saturday that for the most part there were peaceful there were some arrests for disorderly conduct and blocking the highway but nothing and who were like we saw with the what happened last night in Birmingham with destruction of property Tuscaloosa also had their protest that were peaceful we're gonna be talking with the mayor Frank pro Kato from Hoover coming up at eight forty this morning we have a call into mayor Woodfin he's you got a lot of meetings going on this morning obviously with what's taking place there and urgent matters to deal with as far as how he'll move forward in dealing with destruction and talking with his police department and city council as well so we're gonna trying get mayor Woodfin on I certainly understand his busy this morning so also joining us a little bit later this hour we're gonna talk with the Wall Maddox the mayor of Tuscaloosa on the way next we'll have an update from the national scene on how things went over the weekend with protesting also what does this mean when it comes to the coronavirus said let's thank ya on top of that we're not dealing with all of this so all these gatherings you know what does this mean a week is it's increasing the chances of around two code nineteen situation so Michael Bauer three minutes Alabama's morning news news radio one oh five five WBRC you were injured the insurance company often tries to pay you less than you deserve they call it business we call it I'm at Morgan Morgan Morgan every day we get our clients more than what the insurance companies initially offered and more they were hoping to pay sometimes even a hundred times how do we do it it's simple it starts with believing and it ends with that believing.

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