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Now here are Dave Aleutian in Matt Dillon. Welcome back. Everybody here in Houston, Texas. About to get set. The Tigers nine five net. Now, seventy seven. The American against the Houston Cougars. A roll fourteen ranked seventeenth at one poll Bank in another ten while the Tigers score they're fourteen and all of the year one and only play this is a ball club. That has won twenty seven straight games at home going back to last year when they played at Southern University where the U of M actually at warm-ups today shootaround. And now the Tigers are set to go to see what they can do against this Houston change in the starting lineup. Isaiah MAURICE will fill in for my parks. He had his first child yesterday flew in this morning, Mr. back to practice Tigers and black Houston in gray with red numbers. And letters race four starts Davies. He has starred in the so good. Good job is. I tell you places back. In fact, vantage point, they put radio you can't really see. People in front of you between you and the court probably one of the. Least knowledgeable positioning broadcast in the history of the new stadium. It is a brand new arena. It is beautiful crew today run Gruber's the lead Clarence Armstrong. Chuck Jones, are you? Referees Tigers go right to left on your radio. Dial in the black with the blue lettering MAURICE is in it'll be Thornton who will know up against Brady as Gruber. We'll put it in the air underway. Tip is one by Houston and bringing it up. Gaylon Robinson crosses the timeline goes on the left wing Brooks right in the middle to the freshman and here comes alley. Dumps it down low baseline shot put up now at could rebound by rainier Thornton. He had twenty one and five against the Cougars year ago Harris into the front court hand off right art to Martin brings a between the circles up top. Here's MAURICE one hand. Trouble is the ball to Harris Harris, stop to the key works to the left. Elbow. Throws it left corner to MAURICE. He's going to spin almost out of control skip pass right side. Jones, seven o'clock. He's gonna go baseline. Always gotta give it up to Martin's. Three in the pocket. He drives down stops. Pops off glass right as the shot clock. Buzzer went off, Iran. A swing by something. They worked on the sheet around today. Wasn't there? Worked at out and got the good look at the clock. Oh here come the Cougars. The other way, here's alley in the front court leaves it on the right side for money. Brooks up top Brady Brady looking actually it's once again Halley alley sends it left corner. Here is Brooks he can't shoot to three to the top of the key play away from the basket and Briana Brady's to get called for a an illegal pick. So Brady's picks up the first following the game tiger basketball to nothing. Good start. Dave. I'll tell you what we're gonna have a long. These people city. Harris across the timeline works top of the key. Right elbow to fort skipped past left side. Harris. Download nice passed inside. Anton Jones goes up lots of contact. He loses the ball out of bounds. No, pow cold air and the Cougars will get the ball right back. Outstanding play got dropped back in. And he didn't know he was there to turn in boomers no chance first turnover in the game. And it comes against Memphis pressure on the Cougars has Robinson brings it up. Experienced senior from Houston in the middle to the freshman alley now Robinson down low. Here's Brady turning shoulder into MAURICE. Just knocked them out of the way, turn fired. Got it to talk about Dave. He does the dirty work inside catapult pulled his way up the block. They gotta let Harris gets picked from Thornton works left. Right. Back to another right? Art can excite enough there to Paris left. Art goes right by his man, tried to send it inside the Thornton knocked away by Alex off. To Robinson sends it back. Here's a three got it. Marlow? He's driving in for a layup stops throws it back to the three point line. That's what we talk about multiple shooters Thornton to the front court for the U of M twists and turns gets down low puts up shot at boy. A lot of contact. Brought up by Brooks right side. Here comes three ribbing rebound inside by Houston. But a foul on the floor. Bay is AM MAURICE got there late. It's rebound foul. Walo this aggressive. We were discussing that in the pre-game how aggressive they are you tired ninety four feet, and they are they will get after you on the defensive and go to a box set out amounts under here. Now, they're gonna go to scramble circle believe the foul was on Harris inbound, it's took roofs on the right side. And Jones is all over him alley in the middle left dark. That was Corey Davis. Ops hop throwaway Robinson just threw it away. First turnover on Houston Cougars lead at five two. Seventeen twenty-five left to go first half laying his body on Brady. He couldn't go to the basketball sale by Harris will bring it up as a hard team to score on after says averaging eighty five game. Martin's got it left of the front door puts it on the floor against takes takes him down low. Pump fakes the middle looking for Thornton knocked away. And we're gonna have a foul I believe on radio. Actually was a good follow. Stop. What would have been three on nothing break. This team jumped into the passing lanes aggressively. You cannot cross court skip a pass like that gives them. They're gonna jump in. And they're going to stay let go the other way, they practiced today king that pass in the middle and going back door. They think they'll get it a bunch work that time here come the Cougars up five to we've played. Two minutes and fifty seconds in bound, they give it to Robinson. And the senior point guard brings it into the front court on Harris bounce pass left dark Davis. Now back to Robinson ride Tigers in two three Robinson splits. It leaves portrayed Brady double. What can it? Go somewhere. Finally gets alley. He'll take it into the paint. Skips. It left corner Robinson. He's taken a three got it. Right. He kept the play elapsed saw short corner. Skipped it too was eighty two. Haircut tightening down six antwon Jones in the middle of takes the pass left side. Tried to go down low. Here. The cougars. Tigers Turner all over Robinson gets the ball. Davis fake surpass fires. The in a big rebound by Martin, Mark. Become the other way in a hurry. Great pass MAURICE runs the floor up and in and I think one and that's a reward for running the floor in the ball is on Corey Davis. It's eight four I got back. The Tigers dodger pulling a moment ago that was a wide open three debut cannot let them run to the three point line. Spot up low max comes in with Davenport out goes, Harris and Jones. Scores. Eight four and Isaiah MAURICE will go to the line to shoot for the old fashioned. And one. He's a good free throw shooter eighty two percent of the year. Leaving his alley and coming into the game Fabian white. I substitution made by Kelvin Sampson. Pretty experienced player though. He is played a number of games earn his career forty four. Maurice free throw front iron right side, won't go. He four-game here. Come the Cougars. Robertson into the front court hiccup all the white handoff Davis. Right back to white inside the right arc. He'll put up a two while ball's tipped out to Robinson. They work at around the perimeter Brooks right corner. Dow lo here's white turning firing missing getting his own shot putting it up back to Robinson left corner. Brook's? Here's a three halfway down out a rebounds knocked around and taken by white back to Davis. Another three. You gotta rebound against the same. Kevin alive. Four tenths has got the bucket. Eleven four Tigers bring it down into the left corner ball's knocked away from Martin out of bounds. But a foul is called on Davis. And that'll be a second. And we've come to the under sixteen minute media time outs. This portion of the game. Brought to you by your Memphis area Honda dealers. Visit today for a winning deal on a new Honda you scar. Great.

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