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Two thousand five season in two thousand fifteen J G R it expanded to four fulltime Cup series efforts, adding the number eleven in two thousand four driven by Denny Hamlin. And the number nineteen and twenty fifteen driven by Carla works that same year. Kyle Busch drove the number eighteen Eminem's Toyota to his first championship, and Joe Gibbs us fourth number thirty four for Kyle Busch. It will be the biggest one he's ever seen. The checkered flag is out. The wind goes to Kyle Busch. The championship goes to Kyle Busch. He has done it here in homestead by me speedway job Gibbs and his family and all of Joe Gibbs racing everyone that gave me such a fast race car here tonight to drive. It was so much fun. This is just a dream, come through, and my family, my wife, my son to, to have him this year, and have everything we've gone through this year to be in this moment. I don't know what else to say, but, but this is so special success seems to find Joe Gibbs wherever he goes from football to NASCAR. His bar is set high for winning already a member of the pro football hall of fame. Joe Gibbs goes into the NASCAR hall of fame of two of his most successful drivers by his side, Tony Stewart and Bobby Labonte the motor racing network. Congratulates, Joe Gibbs has an inductive NASCAR hall of fame twenty twenty class at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Joe Gibbs talked about the honor of being selected, you know, there's such a such a thrill, I thank my very first thought is I get shoved up front on things like this, but it's our entire race team. I thought back to the way our race team started and everybody. That was a part of that first seventeen people and Jimmy may card gambling come over there with us, and you start with Dale Jarrett. And they go through the drivers and obviously Bobby and Tony being a part of that. Today is coy. And I as a family business kind of helping direct things. But I think back the JD. Spending twenty seven years of his occupation life, building a racing. So those are the kind of things, I think about the other people who went with us, and the fact that such a thrill being a part of this. But this really honors all those people that build our racing the coach mentioned Bobby Labonte he'll be part of the twenty twenty class as well by the time Bobby Labonte had made his working start at the NASCAR Cup series level in nineteen Ninety-three. His brother Terry had already been a tough competitor for sixteen years, claiming the nineteen Eighty-four Cup championship Bobby lived up to the pressure and made a career of his own hailing from Corpus Christi, Texas, Bobby race quarter midgets in his youth until the family moved to North Carolina. As elder brother Terry's Cup career. Took light Bobby raced avidly in the Carolinas and in nineteen. Eighty-two maybes Finnity series debut at martinsville after a strong nineteen ninety xfinity series season culminating in top five points, finish Labonte younger blossomed in nineteen. Thirty-one winning the championship bobby's rookie season and NASCAR Cup series began with a nineteen Ninety-three Daytona five hundred driving for Bill Davis, Bonnie claimed his first win in the nineteen.

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