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The member remember that thing we have where he throw the baseball through could we take that there and do outside and have a football toss like nobody could get the baseball throughout canamerican anyone can afford it it's our it's our deal i mean or illness were at running all the entertainment i'll have my wife draw like a football dude and sharpy on the side that just would purchase mark out i have a paid manning stand up against stich his face right behind the whole and you could though it adam that's a came as you mean super bowl commercial by the way oh um we have a super bowl commercial related gas though is joining us on thursday so we're gonna get a preview of some of the the budweiser clydesdale s right wall yeah the clydesdale like how many what about merged frogs so i know paintin's one by what percentage of super bowl commercials will either have a clydesdale or the words dili dili in um dili dili oh my goodness you know aji amazing daily were granting everything in bud light except in turn me and above i and he's i know hey is i i can't believe you were going to do that right budweiser if you're listening anheuserbusch your listening dillydally clydesdale saying billy billy across branding other ugo budweiser frogs do in dili dili the was up guys doing doing yeah y'all hey got dan delegates that's one of my favorites it's amazing we need become add executive i still say was up all the time and if and it's annoying everyone comes back to me with a was a.

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