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You're listening to bulls i i'm jesse thorn we'll get back to my interview with paul reiser in a second but first another new culture show here at maximum fun it's called switchblade sisters it's hosted by april wolf she's the chief film critic at la weekly a really brilliant critic every week she talked to a different female filmmaker about their favorite genre movie we're talking about har scifi fantasy action exploitation she tells me there's something called bizarro everything in between the first episode is a past bullseyes gassed emily gordon who cowrote the big sick common it was in theaters recently she talks about the horror western bone tomahawk if you like bulls eye you'll really dig switchblade sisters the first episodes out now go subscribe open up your favorite podcast app search for switchblade sisters you're listening to bulls i i'm jesse thorn my guest is paul reiser he created the brand new comedy show there's johnny which premieres this week on hulu you know it to have an extraordinarily successful networks that come what you did you were both the starve it amoco creator um you make an nearly infinite amount of money and so your then freed of the thing that drives a lot of us in our work which is a continuing terror that of penury in other words yeah yeah we're gonna be broker something right and so did you then come to a part in your life where you had to decide like wait now i have to decide what i want to do uh well it's for that was the gist of of my my shortlived show a paul reiser so uh i had a really big hit show and i made you know a very comfortable amount of money that i don't have to worry about that and and the log line that i said accidentally which became the pitch was when you've when you realise you've gotten everything you've ever wanted in life and you're not dead yet thing.

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