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London michael jordan state but again remember that at all those confrontations will all uh kind of complied to basketball court ueki while the off the court one government wanna cut both michael jordan grabbed won't fellow isolated incidents here and there uh what lee look technology that we have nowadays allow people to get up abroad any time the other part of it it also uh it's a lot different but when you have to see somebody and if you're going to be here only seen each other which is what it was kind of a ninety and now in faith in good do been withdrawn included a bond baking cookies at all i mean it's a lot easier to have a war of words when it is really just a world war that's a great point an end what you're talking about is is these guys really know how to brand themselves now it and in this league may be better than any any like you said these guys are superstars now their individual brands and you got the rain going to india and collegue a bunch of play when he was over in china i mean all these guys are traveling in it's really become worldwide but not only for the league but for their own personal brands but let me just follow on what you just said there because if you bring up like jordan those type of guys and they would've had this kind of social media outlet i think it really would have been more than a war of words whereas now it seems like staff kind of having fun about the there's abhran work out and all those kind of things is more just fun like i don't think lebrun takes that personally in in they're able to have fun or do you think lebron looks at that thing the staff dig went okay it's on yeah it was.

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