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That's kinda what Shaun of the dead is all about the, this one is definitely. My recollection of Shawna that it's been a long time since I've seen it is the filmmaker Edgar, right? And goes, it's ambi- movie I don't recall, the characters necessarily knowing. No, but they're steeped in zombie movie. Okay. So they do then understand that there's a certain way to behave of the game. So it's kinda like scream and that serves a little bit. Right. So very self aware. And this isn't that self-aware but it does acknowledge that we live in a post Romero universe. It's openly acknowledged him in namedrop Romero, and one point, the whole film takes place in Pennsylvania, just like those ambi- movies do beyond that. There's an explicit psycho reference. There's a shot that seems straight out of the birds one character Caleb Landry Jones who runs a gas station, very fun. Very fun. And he is wearing a nose Farrah to shirt, the entire movie, and that grave the open grave that Bill. Murray's character cliff falls in Iggy pop. I believe probably the guy who got out of that, grave, maybe at least the movie could suggest that. The next day, did you see his name on the team? So I forget, I saw I when it just kind of panned by it. And then there's an unmistakable shot when he gets up from the ground, and it shows his name, his name Samuel fuller, nice. So his name is Sam fuller farmer if I'm not mistaken, and I don't know that there's any kind of horror connection to either of these two names. But the farmer that Steve Chevy plays. I believe his name is Frank Miller farmer Miller. And you said it Bill Murray's character is named cliff Robertson. Clifford Robinson me. He's, he's actor my favorite joke. My favorite movie reference joke, though is Rosie Perez, showing up as a TV anchor news anchor. Enter name is Posey. Warez. They just reverse the peon and the are on Rusi for as that somehow made me live, every time she was on screen. I could've used a little more rosy press to be honest with you. And there, there are a couple of loose ends, we should say, now it sounds like we've are enjoyed it quite a bit. I think maybe one of the reasons this is not getting as warm reception as we might have expected for Jarmusch film, with this sort of premise is because something's just don't add up, as we've suggested something's just get forgotten. I think I would you've broken down some of the characters depending on how they choose to act in this world. I would also distinguish them by how soon they're aware of what's going on high talked about how Rani seems to be aware Tom waits. The survivalist is aware, or unfazed, we should say, sure, by Zambia pock clubs. He's not surprised at all because he's already been suspicious of government. And what have you and he'd kind of is so removed from the society that they don't come after him. And he can just observe what's happening. So another group who is. Let's say relatively unfazed trio of kids in the local juvenile detention center. And, and at first, I thought this is really interesting. I can't wait to see where this goes. I mean maybe these kids are maybe fatalism has just somehow been beaten into them to a degree that Asami apocalypse is not anything really new. They escaped they run away. They're they're, they're worried about it, but they're not the other characters whose minds are just blown by couldn't wait to see how they were going to cross paths with the rest of the story and was gonna play out and they disappear. I mean I asked you as I sat down. Did I miss something or no? Does that plot element? And those characters just honestly disappear. They, they do, so I'm not sure what that's all about. There is resolution to another group Selena Gomez with a couple of other just called hipsters through town. Yeah. And we see what happens to them, but I'm also kind of like what the Tilda Swinton character trying to place because they get a fair number of seeing, I'm not quite sure, how did they? Also fit into this entire scheme going on. I am not sure either okay? But maybe a listener out there who is smarter than both of us will write in and enlighten us, if you have seen the dead, don't die. We'd love to hear your thoughts. You can write in feedback at film spotting dot net massacre theater is next..

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