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And she voted for this year's Rock Hall's class. Welcome to the show. Thanks, Tanya. Well, there are six artists formally inducted into the Hall of Fame. They are Jay Z the go Go's Tina Turner, Todd Rundgren, Carole King and the Foo Fighters. But then there are several artists, including Kraftwerk in a local J who are receiving these other awards. What are these categories, So the early influence and musical excellence awards are Ways to maybe honor performers who didn't get in through the strait balloting. Both Kraftwerk and L. L Cool J have been on the ballot for a while, but they've been losing out to other artists like you know, the Foo Fighters and Jay Z. Even though I think that you know their influence on popular music cannot be disputed. I'm sure he would give girl would agree. Craft works pioneering synth pop and L'Equipe's early hip hop records. Did a lot more to push forward the idea of modern popular music than the Foo Fighters who are great then and who I have enjoyed live many times, and I have enjoyed the records. You know something else about this year, though the Rock Hall is making a point of highlighting This year's diversity. Do you feel like this is late? I mean, it's 2021 the go Go's, for instance, had never been nominated before, despite making history 40 years ago with the first and only number one album by an all female band, who also so happened to write their own songs and play their own instruments. You know, it's a It's a process of Reaching out to voters who are younger. I mean, when I started voting back in 2012, you know I was in my mid thirties and that was you know young for this on because it's been such a, You know, it seems like a long time. It really 10 years is not that long of a time for massive structural change to happen. So you've laid out for us this shift and the Hall of Fame acknowledging what is defined as rock and roll? What else surprised you this year? I was a little surprised by are made and not getting it, I guess, although I guess another recipient of the musical Excellence Award, which l L cool J got was Randy Rhoads. Legendary guitarist who played with Ozzy Osborne on but I think that Metal is, you know, still kind of scruffy outsider genre in its way, even though it's fill stadiums and arenas, the shifting change of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That is Maura Johnston, a writer and music critic based in Boston. Talking about the 2021 rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Mara Thank you so much. Thank you so much. You're listening to here and now Just about every American companies struggling with how to bring their employees back to the office. Can they and will employers mandate vaccinations for their staff to say? I will shelter vaccinate seem very contrary to.

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