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Between magnolia Crosby Lynchburg as close as well traffic is stopped back to Sheldon follow the detour sign to get around I'm Shannon Sampson the KTRE schools because when a stock com twenty four hour topic center our frontal trigger some showers and thunderstorms off and on for this morning to the afternoon hours the high today should it's seventy five ahead of the fraud and the clearing will take place overnight as the cool air pushes in the lower drop down to forty two will be a sunny the weekend tomorrow expect a high you're fifty nine a study on Monday with a high close to sixty I'm meteorologist Jeff Mar from the weather channel sixty nine from the nasco a gaming twenty four hour weather center eight thirty to our top story Astros owner Jim cranes is the head office is interviewing candidates for GM and manager in person and on the phone and they will be ready for spring training the Astros diamond dream gala was held at minute maid last night with Lionel Richie performing fanfest coming up at eleven this morning the Bellaire high school student who was shot and killed in class this week is going to be buried this afternoon at west university Baptist church we got a chance for rain today up north from the plains to the northeast they got a chance for a blizzard ed today Minneapolis expecting ten inches of snow that's going to be affecting flights news on the band decade T. R. H. dot com we'll have another update at nine hi Nicky Courtney on Houston's news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty K. T. R. H. so Nikki and you haven't heard already the new books coming out really I don't see the cover that is gorgeous thank you are you can you can give all the credit to my wonderful.

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