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To serve an eviction notice for the mesa home which was put up for auction June twenty of them were paid the late fee with a credit card to the payment didn't clear until June twenty first the day after the sale the sheriff says had as deputies known part of the tax bill was paid they would not have seized and sold the mobile home how do we make sure that if there was something that went south in this process that is corrected immediately snow has impacted and how do we facilitate away for this man to have housing and opens on says he helped me with more face to face once he can offer the forty nine year old dissolution has asked the the county attorney bill Montgomery for a legal opinion on this live in the newscenter germ cross KTAR news Valerie one of the things the service said yesterday basically he took exception to something I said about this whole story I want to clear that up here in about twelve or thirteen minutes right now time for traffic from the valley should be dealers traffic centers a celibate just check out the two oh two red brown freeway looks pretty good in both directions from the loop one a one on over to state route fifty one of the north part of the valley you've got a delay eastbound on the loop one oh one between sept Avenue in cave creek road it's not too bad watch out for the stalled vehicle on the live one on one it's east found right at the sixty fourth street exit ramp just have to stay a little bit to the left to get around it also crews working on clearing up this accident on the loop one a one price freeway north found it near the Elian on ramp it is all off to the right hand side of the freeway this report is brought to you by moon valley nurseries get your trees ready before the summer monsoon hits call six SO two eight one four zero three fifty.

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