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To. Tell Tommy Laron is no stranger to controversy. I have a question for the self righteous Hollywood liberal, boxers Tommy Laremy Laron Omni larynx us right now. Tommy Laremy, Larry. Welcome this country the country that you have so much. Disdain that allows you the right to speak your mind, if you're right. The a y indulge I tend to date. Joel Jason hammer is here. We'll go straight to the hotline and bring on Tommy Laron from Fox News and FOX nation dot com. We're gonna talk in just a minute about the FOX nation fan event. That is happening. Tommy, it seems to me though, kick this off. I like it seems like we're living in a bizarro world a two and a half year investigation, which is all linked to this phony Steele dossier and the more report finally does come out, no collusion at Democrats still to move forward with impeachment and not only with Trump, but his attorney General Tommy land from Fox News. Joining us what in the world is going on in Washington. Watching the democrat lowly just collapsed in on themselves that is truly the house of cards it. It's falling in on them. And they are grasping for anything. They can grasp on to try to down this president. But you know, what we've learned especially after the cabin hearing. I think business very similar in scope that when you do this to Trump and Trump supporters we dig in and we fight harder. And then not only are we gonna show up really excited on election day, twenty twenty we're going to show up with all of our friends on election day twenty twenty because we are angry with this. You're sick of which and we're gonna come out and support our president Tommy Jason hammer here and one of the things Nigel. And I talked about quite often. Here is it feels like the only people that care about this entire report the situation with Russian interference in the election. Still are in that room. Tommy you travel all over the country, you go red states blue states, you traveling awful lot are people in bar. Ars people in restaurants, people on barbershops sitting around talking about the latest on the Muller report. No, they're not. But I really do think though that even asked me about it. They're really misinformed. And I want to be informed because they hear it on the TV, especially in airports. But I spend a lot of time in airports where CNN clang liberal. They media there. People ask me about it. And I try to inform them back by Ken. But I always try to divert as they listen more reports over you can do your research on now, you can read the court report if you want you, but I always try to change the topic of conversation too. But you don't want the real crisis in this country, it'd be legal immigration, and then I start talking about that. And no one cares about the Miller report when you're about the invasion that's happening on our southern border. I mean, it's funny. You just had a Nancy Pelosi today saying she agrees with Jerry neds.

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