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I'm Dan Martin a former assistant prosecutor in western Michigan has been sentenced to a night in jail for a twenty sixteen crash. The crash led to the firing of a police Lieutenant and the suspension of two other officers accused of covering up the then prosecutors intoxication Josh Kuyper was also ordered Wednesday to serve more than a year of probation after a jury found him guilty of misdemeanor reckless driving. He apologized saying, quote, it's no fun. When you're on the other end Kuyper resigned after the crash a woman in two of her children are being mourned following a fire in a small mid Michigan community the fire burned early Tuesday at the home in the Gladwin county community of Beaverton and a Republican led committee and Michigan's Senate has voted to make it harder to initiate ballot. Drives the Bill approved Wednesday would allow no more than. In fifteen percent of qualifying petition signatures to come from any one of Michigan's fourteen congressional districts and a new report by the U S commission on civil rights finds that federal funding levels for native American tribes remain woefully inadequate fifteen years after the commission. I studied the issue. The report released today is a follow up to a two thousand three report that described the shortfalls as a quiet crisis. Funding has remained mostly flat leaving tribes unable to tackle climate change an epidemic of suicides and violence against women. Wham radar.

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