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Rocky's thanks. Okay, 6 47 right now. On Colorado's Morning news. The US reported over 1000 new Corona virus deaths this past Tuesday. It's almost twice as many as the previous day. It's the first time in almost a week that the nation has reported over 1000 new deaths from covered 19 in a single day. Well, it appears Congress is still no closer to agreeing on another Corona virus Relief package, Republic. Congressman Jim Jordan. These programs saved and continue to save jobs. Eventually, though, the best way to stimulate an economy the absolute best way to stimulate and grow our economy is to let people go backto work. The Democrats say it's on the Trump Administration to doom or for Americans after the House passed 1/4 stimulus package last month, Ohio seeing a spike in covert 19 cases, and the governor thinks he knows why. We think that significant part of this is caused by our college is going back, as well as our grade schools and high school's going back. Verner Mike DeWine says that the state saw its largest increase in cases since late July. Colorado College is going online only for the rest of the fall because of several outbreaks. CC Co President Mike Edmunds says most students will need to be off campus by September. 20th. All classes are moving to remote delivery for the remainder of block one. Most classes will be in remote delivery for the remainder of the fall semester. International students in dire need, and those involved in hybrid classes may stay House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in some hot water after getting her hair done in San Francisco this week. The city does not allow salons to be open indoors. Fox News obtained a video of Pelosi scene with wet hair walking through the establishment without a mask, NBC News Radio's Dean Nuccio says. The owner of the Salon said the local ordinance does allow one customer inside at the time and Speaker Pelosi was the lone customer coming up. Why is Frontier airlines seeing a surgeon complaints? We talk with Attorney General Phil Wiser live about that next 6 54, but first traffic.

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