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Newsradio. Colorado's election station, probably have your midterm ballot. At this point, you're likely ready to fill it out. However, are you prepared to follow election laws that govern your ballot? Let's get a little more insight on that. What you should know with boulder district attorney, Michael Daugherty? Thank you for joining us. Michael good morning. Thank you for having me on. What are the things you're going to be keeping a teeny out for when it comes to respect to the ballots? Well, we wanna make sure every vote is counted. And in Colorado, we make it easy to register and vote, of course, people can mail in their ballots, and they should have received their mouths, but balanced by the end of today, we don't have barriers in place such as requiring people to go to a polling place or show ID. And in fact, we're one of the states in the nation that allow people who have a selling conviction to have the right to vote restored. So people have been convicted of a felony can vote. So a couple of the checks that we have on the system are making sure that someone doesn't sign another individuals ballot. So if someone is trying to help out a spouse or partner, or let's say you have a student that see you your child's at see you and you want to help them out by sending in their ballot. You're actually ensuring that their votes not going to be counted. The clerk and recorder in every county is checking the signatures to make sure that signature belongs to the individual who is listed on the ballot. So it's actually a good reason to go. Visit you loved one and see you and deliver the ballot them directly. What if your spouse has recently passed away, you know, what their intentions were you wanna fill out their ballot? Can you do that? No. You cannot. Another provision that you cannot vote a ballot that is not your own and you can vote more than once. That's the other part that I wanted to stress I was gonna say what if you? So if you have to residences, and you're getting those ballots, you can only vote once, but if you're voting specifically for issues where that home resides that separate right? You should contact your clerk and recorder if you have to residents, and you want to vote on individual issues that are unique to that particular jurisdiction. You also say you should sign up for ballot tracker, watch your mail closely. Even after the election wise that to make sure your ballots received by the clerk and recorder we wanna make sure every vote counts. It's too easy for people these days to think that their voice their votes, not gonna make a difference. But when people speak up together, that's how we make change. We want to make sure every vote is counted is boulder district attorney Michael Dougherty. Thank you, Michael. Thank you have a great day little money news on this Monday. As we check in with Pat, and.

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