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Despite its claims. President biden is no moderating political force. Who do you think setting the agenda. It's not president biden. It's democrats in the house. And senate joe biden is simply along for the ride. He's the ideal political front man for this gender with his talk of unity and his anti-trump persona but he's not shaping legislation he's basically signing on to what ever the progressive left tells him he needs to support for now. At least there's also not much of an opposition with few exceptions. The media are marching in lockstep supportive. Whatever the democrats want. It's christmas for the democrats. The substance the cove. Bill was barely covered in the mainstream media opposition to hr one this is the federal takeover of state. Election law is literally reported as a revival of jim crow racism. Business communities also been co-opted as it often is at the beginning of a democratic presidency. Industries are trying to protect their specific iron rice bowls but one price is their accommodation with the larger progressive agenda small businesses. Needless to say particularly those who have been so hard hit financially throughout the covid nineteen shutdowns. They oppose the fifteen dollar minimum wage but bigger businesses. They know mind saddling. Their smaller competitors with higher costs. Big oil also doesn't mind selling out. Independent trackers on so-called climate change. No i'm not denier. But we need to keep it in perspective and despite their sizable minorities. Let's call it for what it is. Republicans pretty much divided mess. They're staying united on the covert vote but they had no consistent strategy they really had no effective messaging. How sweet week. The most radical pro union labor bill since the nineteen thirty five wagner at. You wouldn't know it from the gop response pretty much been crickets. That bill would erase right to work. Laws in twenty seven states but gop pretty mum on this issue of this is giving democrats growing confidence that they can drive the most radical left progressive agenda into law despite the fact that we have historically narrow majorities or they do they'll pass huge tax increases on a party line vote. They also hope to peel off enough. Gop senators to raise the minimum wage. Perhaps to eleven or twelve dollars an hour and for that two trillion dollars in green energy and public works spending. Don't be surprised if they succeed. Now republicans counting democrat. Joe manchin have to admit that. I'm among.

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