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Roth IRA limit. A Roth IRA is a retirement account that puts your savings to work, and I'm talking tax free growth for two thousand eighteen you can do fifty five hundred a year or sixty five hundred if you're fifty years old or older and good news, those limits increased by five hundred dollars to six thousand and seven thousand for twenty nineteen when it comes to investing working with a pro is the best way to ensure you've got a plan, and we'll stick to it. Folks. We've made that super easy for you are nationwide network of Smartvestor pros will help you invest your money the way we recommend and make sure you understand what your money's doing. These are the guys I trust to walk you through the best investment decisions for your situation to find a Smartvestor pro in your area. Just go to daveramsey dot com slash. Smartvestor. That's daveramsey dot com slash Smartvestor. One hundred thousand fans are on their feet falls over the stadium. Waning seconds of the game. It's the silence you think to yourself. There's only one place a call here. One St. your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer and test drive. The all new two thousand nineteen eight class sedans partisan, the first Arab the Mercedes Benz user experience. It seamlessly connects you and your car natural voice recognition the Mercedes Benz a class sedan where the future takes the feet. Visit Mbusa dot com slash class. To learn more Benz the best for nothing. Now, an ad from mom bundle home and auto with progressive and save on your car insurance. Excuse me. Maybe we should add in the word money. So they know that they're saving money in there. Okay. Hello..

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