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Well maybe it doesn't make me interesting it does make me an idiot but i searched for bobby kennedy and kennedy curse everyone knows kennedy's conspiracy but kennedy curse is that all the kennedys seemed to be getting a real bad hand recently and i saw that bobby kennedy trailer on netflix and then i was like wait there's a bobby kennedy and he was assassinated two and r k i didn't really know that because i grew up half my life and canada and half the other half in small town texas so there's just these gaps of knowledge or going on like i just do not enough about both countries here like a giant more on vale you know what watch forrest gump man that'll get you up to speed okay because i remember that was like the way that was my his brother his brother was oh shit okay cool i like texas has just erased the kennedys it's like stalin era soviet no the kennedys never existed while you're talking about the learned a lot about texas history and you get to learn those specific figures and then that applies nowhere else people always confused that and then we took out commie spy john f kennedy and soon after took out his brother and sam houston was our god what is something you think is overrated i believe and it's not a bad television program i love the television program and i watch every single episode of it but i believe that black mirror is overrated when people i'm being so protective of this because i don't want to lack mirror hater like oh the like the title of this episode as rogaine blah potatoes.

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