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T. L. what what is we just covered something I never knew what's always been live till right now rona's god wills advertising no it's always been live till this because they have to be able to edit it all down and then get it out well tonight I'd like you to say that tonight coming up on sports talk tape Mike Miller won not only did he win he won in dominating fashion seven out of seven for Jeffrey Miller Waddell got four out of seven what was that can you ask me the questions now are you certainly can let's see if I can get any you think I'll get any well I don't know if the music's in there so name the original three roommates on the hit TV show three's company boy John Ritter no the character of the characters I'm sorry the three's company roommates let's see there is Mister Farley was the neighbor there was Jack there was Chrissy I don't remember with the dark haired girl's name was all right we'll move on you have the music research has given I do not see it on okay Steve Kerr is the all time NBA three point field goal percentage leader and he is a winner he's won NBA championships as a player and as a coach how many total NBA championships has Steve Kerr been a part of five in rocky three marked the film debut of Mr T. what was Mr teas character's name in rocky three clubber Lang you got that you're one for three this number three agreed to a four year sixty million dollar deal with the bulls in oh six bulls coach Scott Skiles had a strict no head bad policy but decided to make an exception repeat the question please this number three agreed to a four year sixty million dollar deal with the bulls and Wallace you got that you're too into he began his career on the south side wearing number twenty five but quickly changed over to number three he had three stints as a player with the white Sox where he also coached before moving into a role as an ambassador he was elected to the basket the baseball hall of fame era bans you got it so you you got three right to wrong in there to music ones that I would assume you would get wrong you would assume over there Danny hold on I don't I'd like to talk to Chris the second on oh boy all right I did better now yeah you you were gonna vote on I was listening it was yeah you would have gotten them right neither one of those shots I don't think so no shot so you got three right you would have got four wrong then you did against your call do you know Green Day songs I do know Green Day but I didn't pick ocular wanna pick part of broken dreams both of our broken dreams on my playlist I would have gotten that no shot I I thank you if you gave me this would be a fun game if you gave me your phone in your playlist and we played two songs on your playlist you still would get him right because we've been on on the show where you've interviewed people and they've mentioned songs they like you're like oh I'm gonna add that to my playlist and then you'll randomly add songs to your playlist I guarantee that you will less than fifty percent of the songs in your playlist here it is Boulevard of broken dreams is on my playlist just like I thought I saw them at the Allstate arena as well so like I said I'm sure it's on.

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