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Because there are people who somehow sorta stardom without ever having done anything or learn anything, and listen when I was younger the dues paying stuff pissed off. Yeah. Really pissed me off because I knew I was more talented than half the people that I was watching. I knew that I knew more stuff than they did. And I felt it was a grave injustice that I was not getting more recognition for the fact that my writing was was very good. And then I'd really studied these issues. But the fact is that that required me to put in more time in the world, didn't oh me anything and the same thing. I feel like I mean, drew how many scripts have you written? How many have actually made it screen? All my, you know, I I wrote I think four novels before published one. And and and though the thing about screenwriting as you can make a good living without ever having get to screen almost none of the screenplays. I sold for good money made it to the screen. I mean, that's the movie I even wanna puncture the one of the great dreams that I get asked. This question at every campus speech because I actually did get paid a ton of money to do nothing. I and actually literally nothing now, you're a number one New York Times bestselling author. So that does hit above, you know. But this was number one bestselling blank book. I worked for from the age of eighteen to I don't know. What did I do the? Twenty seven or something I worked for peanuts. All that time. I worked at million political campaigns. I did a ton of off off off Broadway plays for making pennies, and it the only thing that keeps you going through that is because you wanna do the thing because you want to write the columns because you want to write the books because you want to be an you wanna do plays. You gotta do it for that. If you think you're going to get a pay for it. I challenge people use interviewee when I started to hit it big and get big money for novels, and they would say, well, you really made a lot of money. So that a pro rated we got. For years seven writing a syndicated column since I was seventeen years old. It started to make any sort of money that would even look like money in the last three years dating. So and and I want to challenge him in the state, you said, you know, it's kind of fortunate we live in the age of YouTube and people can legitimately become superstars who've done nothing. And it is true. And it's always been true in every medium, right? Some guys scratches out nothing on the page, and it becomes a bestselling buckman that that's not the norm. I mean, that's not. But not only is it not the norm. As you famously said luck is not a business model, but there is more to it. Which is they may attain a small measure of a fame a large measure of fame rapidly on the basis of nothing, but they won't preserve the same on the basis of nothing. And a great example of this is is Logan Paul Logan, Paul and his brother are YouTube stars Logan, Paul. I'm not a kind of sore of this content. As far as I can tell he. Very very famous for doing very very dumb things while a camera was rolling and you look at him, and he makes like six hundred ca trillion dollars. He has a staff of Logan, Paul and his buddies. They live in a giant mansion, and it is manifest heaven and beautiful women rain down upon them. And you wonder like how is such a thing hostile? It seems like an injustice. This week Logan Paul put out a video documentary of his examination of the flat earth conspiracy theory, which is as good as any comedy film made in the last decade. It's a fifty minute feature the production value. Unbelievable. The skill the directing the editing the performance his performance is subtle itself. Deprecating. It's it's brilliantly conceived. It took stones the size of beach balls to actually put himself in the environments that he did in order to to create this piece of of entertainment. And what I'm I guess what I'm trying to tell you Logan, Paul may have gotten famous for filming himself too stupid things..

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