Russia, Donald Trump, CIA discussed on Alternative Radio


Anymore that's not related to trump russia so we need to organize our priorities in this society we can't just fall into the trap of thinking all evil began with donald trump it matters what the cia is doing right now it matters what the us military is doing right now but we're all stuck in this sort of jerk chain with trump and his twitter feed and the fact that the most influential trio of people are not the heads of the united states military the head of the cia and the head of the nsa the most influential people in this country right now are the three imbeciles who host fox and friends a weatherman a sports caster and a rotation of blonde white women there's a new one every few months those three people have more influence over american policy today than the heads of intelligence agencies because of the way that trump operates i wanna end by saying this we should not allow george w bush to be rehabilitated in front of our is i don't i don't care if he spends most of his time painting today david fromm is not my friend i am not on david david fromm wrote the axis of evil speech david fromm was unrepentant neocon bill kristol who was one of the most vile of them for years ran the weekly standard one of the biggest cheerleaders for neo con foreign policy all these people that are now on msnbc and cnn never never trumpers it's fine interview people like that but seriously you're not going to ask them about their role in the deaths of upwards of a million people in iraq they're just allowed to be normal members of society who can just analyze donald trump when they were a part of the destruction and the fires that are still raging throughout the middle east we're going to have them on tv and no one's going to ask them about this stuff that's the problem it's not that we shouldn't talk to people like that it's that there are certain people that you don't talk to unless the first question is how come you're not in jail and but it doesn't happen and that's that is a problem for us that's going to.

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