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And now or see a hundred people day in August two thousand fifteen I walked into an elevator and something unexpected happened to set the stage I was in Houston Texas when I was up what's called the Texas Medical Center it has a lot of skyscrapers I was in one of them when I walked into that elevator there was a lovely lady who was holding up and inside the bag it appeared to be a whole lot of vegetables there was a gentleman in a suit standing next to me who turned to the lovely lady and she she said those are beautiful vegetables is there a whole markets food on this floor and she said no I was just at my doctor and after I received a clean bill of health he said hold on just a second I set up the story's gonna change I thought he was gonna come back and give me a prescription but instead of handing me a prescription he handed me this bag and inside the bag were to zucchini is two tomatoes and a banana and the gentleman the suit said to the lovely lady what kind of doctor gives you a prescription of vegetables and not so vile D. or a mock Cicilline and she said you haven't met my doctor my doctor is named Joe Gulati and his prescription for me is vegetables I'm Chuck Garcia welcome to a climb to the top stories of transformation my guest today is doctor Joe Galardi Joe is a hepatology just which means that.

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