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So they've been very up and down Calgary fourteen nine and one. I think the key for Calgary is going to be the gold sending now David Riddick has come in. And then great, and he'd be my guy. I would continue to roll with David Riddick. Now, they had the back to back. I believe Smith played in the game last night. But I haven't had a chance to double check that. But the bottom line is that. If Mike Smith is not going to respond, David miniature your is your goal, and he's played very very well. He's at nine thirty save percentage. Screw twelve games. You have to have goaltending this leak the Calgary Flames. They've got terrific young players there. Chuck drill Monaghan Lynn home. I mean, the defense which you're down on Brody. And and those guys. It just going to be about the goaltending is the goaltending going to be good enough. And there were two week division. So dateable. Absolutely. It's the stable for Colorado and have a good roster. They just need to get good. Goaltending Riddick continues to do that for them. They'll be fine. Yeah. Smith twenty five saves in the six to one victory for hours on last night. Haywood w says, do you see the Rangers picking up another play via trade to add a veteran presence with the kids? I don't think that's really where they're at. No. I agree. I think that they're like just talked about they have embraced the idea of playing the young players and to a certain degree. It's been pretty successful so far now they've won four shootouts. Therefore, no, knowing the shootout, we talked about that with buffalo. Right. So I mean, that's a plus they've found ways to win those games you take those points away. Just take those four points away and the Rangers now moved from fourth in the metro to near the bottom right there with Philly. So. For me. I think that the, you know, the Rangers are gotta kinda go maybe week to week from a managerial standpoint, they're going to watch their kids. They have in Hartford. They're going to watch the kids they have playing in all over the globe. Whether it be in Europe or in the in the junior leagues and North America. They're gonna keep intending to watch and see how they feel about Kevin Hayes going forward..

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