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From Dearborn heights, Sandra? Mcneill WW Jane radio nine fifty as the city of Dearborn heights begins the process of assessing the damage caused by the ongoing flooding, the mayor asking for help from the state and federal governments mayor Daniel politico has dealt with a situation before his city went through a major flooding event in two thousand fourteen received an emergency declaration from the federal government. Governor makes the request of the process if the president declares that there's emergency. Then you bring your resources in from Fima the governor. I'm sure we'll provide us assistance of help. But we also would like to get that help from a federal level. Meanwhile, Dearborn heights city officials have opened a shelter at the Justice center that's on beech Daly and Michigan avenue for anyone who does not feel safe in their home. Governor Whitman only declares a state of emergency for a specific city as a last resort. Here's Lieutenant Faneuil McQueen who manages our region for the Michigan state police emergency management division, but local management program puts together their plan their operations plan to deal with emergencies from flooding or earthquakes to nuclear attacks to unit and they have plans that are put together. So we really have to look at their operations plan to see what they had in place. And then after they exhausted that see what was it that he would need speaking live on www says it can take a varying amount of time for state of emergency to go into effect. Depending on the situation. Meantime, Jen Ellison lives on harbor island near Jefferson and Chalmers. She says the problem is homeowners who have not properly maintained their seawall I'm recommending to poor people who have low seawalls and low property over this period of time you need to raise your property you need to fix your seawalls because mine might be high. But if next door's law, I'm going to get water on my property city. Inspectors will the out the neighborhood checking on the condition of the seawalls. They say homeowners will be given a warning not a fine right away. Well as southeast.

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