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Right now that we're talking about Wicker's, California director the freedom foundation. Bob, welcome to the program. Thanks for having me. Appreciate it. So sunshine on the negotiations that pertain to the public sector. What's your opinion on? We need more of it. We need everywhere. That's my opinion. We just. We'll never know what caused the strike came about. There's too many too many things to many people impacted by students, first and foremost, our families taxpayers voters, the general public, and unless we have open bargaining what we've seen local governments and school districts that we work with. To get open bargaining negotiating we're gonna we're gonna have more kind of strife and the public who pays for it. All it's going to be kept in the dark. Well, that's interesting because I kept asking a question about the the difference between the position of the teachers and the board of education and the and the union and saying they essentially in agreement on everything what's the issue here. And it was all about that two billion dollars set aside. And I thought, oh, this is all about getting that depleting that so we can make an issue of prop thirteen that's the only possible explanation. I can think of is wrong. Well, I mean, I have an explanation and because we've battled unions. What we do at the freedom foundation is we we freak from at workers from forced unionisation. So we use union tactics against the Nobile doing what we do here, California where we're engaging with workers, and we talked to them, and we look at these these strikes in these kinds of these. Behind closed doors negotiations with with UT LA in my view. It's all about charter schools. They want to cap which they got a pathway to capture non union charter schools. They also if you look at the details were able to create twenty five hundred to three thousand new jobs. That's each of those represents union members who will pay the union leadership an average of about a thousand eleven hundred dollars a year. So they just made three million a year from tax payers, and that's going to go to what what Alito on the supreme court ruled in the Janice decision last year. We'll go to a political influence spending. Right. So it's it's all about the unions making money by capping charter schools. They're actually hurting the students who want to seek a better education, and they have proven effective. Absolutely. So they're stunting education reform, and that's what they do time and time again, it's all about money for the union and the union leadership here in California, we have had government employees each of the unions government unions. About a billion dollars public funds from dues withholdings. And so they're not always spending enough political insincere in California where the chief exporter of union money the rest of the country to influence politics. And and yet they've been pretty effective on behalf of their representatives. Have they not? The union. Yeah. I mean, th they they may be enriching themselves. But they've also they seem to have gotten the job done. I wrong. Well, it's for their own best interests not in the interests of the general public or of. That sort of that sort of their job. I mean, they all this all this liability in of the retirement funds, and all this stuff, these are incredibly generous. But it's a unions. The got those. But the problem for for us the rest of us is it's an it's an inherent conflict to have those folks who use our tax dollars to fund the elections. Elected representatives sit across the table from those elected representatives, go she ate contracts in the dark. Remember when I was saying about this, drew when we were leading up to the possible strike, which became a strike was I said, if we had transparency, we could see what they were haggling over see the numbers because they both sides kept saying, oh, they're lying. They have this two billion dollars. The other side said no we've already had this earmarked. It's going to be gone in two years. And I said, why don't we see the numbers? Why don't we see where all this money that they claim they have in their budget that they don't have any more money that they're going to go. They're going to become insolvent if they you know, give into the demands of the teacher's union. And I said, well, if we could just see where every single red cent is spent maybe we can see what they're wasting their money on or what they're spending their money on. But of course, we would never be allowed to see that. Because they don't want us to know where they're spending their money. What's your Naga? Also going to see is intimidation tactics. Messages such as if you don't agree with this contract. We're gonna primary you we're gonna find an opponent. Out of office. That's Frank discussion that can be had behind closed doors. If if we should light on that, those kinds of conversations are going to be taking place, and that's where teaser dues are going to be going to because that's when you're part of a union, that's where they're going to be spending their money. How do we get sunlight into these negotiations? Well, we we what we do. We're working with local government counties. Apologies. We we advocate for these policies and how to how to pass them at the local level. So we can have you can live stream it if you're concert for those that are concerned about large intimidated crowds attending but to get to get public proceedings. Yeah. Public proceedings to be viewed open. So we can see all proposals and counterproposals we can have an independent fiscal and it's ongoing. All the things that we just mentioned here. So it really that's what it takes. We had it in California at a glimpse of it. She goes to the coin ordinances civic openness in negotiation Costa, Mesa was the first to pass it. And it was tremendous in policy analyst from Orange County gets that to us included in my LA times bad from last week. All the things that go with coin occurred. There was civility there. There are a few. There were no public accusations about faith. The adult conversations, you know, it was it was contracts were decided indigo shooting fashion all these things Kurd. But what happens is when government unions, all of a sudden, the light is shed on this process. They move quickly to get the president's Sacramento shut it down. And that's what they did. I think they got them Senator. Tony Mendoza a former teacher in UT LA member by the way to fast track legislation solely intended to reduce the number of coin ordinances around the state, and it had a tactic was signed by governor Brown very quickly and put into law. So it shut it down. So now, we're doing it three to finish is working with local governments to one, you know, one local jurisdiction at a time. We're trying to design these open bargaining ordinances in a way that that will be sensible at Sacramento unions friends up there can't shut her down. Is there anything the average person should be doing to a strong feeling about this? Well, I think they need to be talking to their local elected officials their school board members advocating support, then go to our website free to fetish dot com. Join our effort here in California. But it's always best to communicate directly to your lecture representatives accountable to supervisors it. Your city council members your city managers and your school board uppers. All right. Appreciate very much. Thank you for joining us. Appreciate it guy to be kinda foreign strate state, director of the freedom foundation. It just sounds again. I get I get glazed over when I hear about that. Because it sounds like even even if you get it through it sounds like the state stymies 'cause they're they're all the elected officials that are all in on it. So how do you? Especially especially in this state. My guy the teacher's union is some of the they're like the most powerful union when it comes to putting money is at mixed feelings about it. Because I want the teachers to have a strong union. You know what I mean? I want them to be well represented the other hand, I don't like the monkey business and bite merely shining. Shining a light on it would not be a bad idea mean, what's what's the problem with us looking in negotiations? Why would that be a problem? I always say shining. A light is always a good thing. There's nothing to hide. If you have nothing nothing nothing. Good happens in the dark. This is what I always tell people that have issue like, should you? Check your partners iphone, I said, well, there should be nothing in your partners iphone that you want to check. So what difference it makes it go ahead? And check it yesterday. It's the same thing if your partner has an issue with it. Okay. Well, now, we gotta now this is going on here. Exactly on saying eight hundred two two two five to two is phone number. We are going to be speaking..

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