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Quality. And it is equality live feed option in case you want to monitor it live. Which you can do or you just wait until it singer clips when something goes on in front of the cameras with mine during the timeframe you specify so you set it up. How you want it? Blink protect dot com slash ftl. Blinkprotect dot com slash F T L to save as we continue here. We will take your calls and thoughts about anything. But Mark, you would started a story about a a very rich guy who's dropped hundreds of millions of dollars already on a plot of land and some kind of corporate structure. I don't think they've started building anything on the land yet. There's some buildings there are okay. I I don't. Yeah. There's two buildings interesting. All right. See a building in the background and one of these pictures. It's this is a New York Times story about a bitcoin guy who wants to create some kind of a bitcoin space bitcoin city. Tell me more about this vision. What else about it? We need to know. Mister burns managed to win over local officials who are eager for economic development, Nevada governor, Brian sandy. Paul read a proclamation name the Blockchain's property innovation park at an event last month where burns sat on a panel with the governor and Elon Musk the chief executive of tesla. All right. So he's got connections Tesla's gigafactory in Nevada which had been described as the largest building in the world is surrounded by Blockchain's land companies Google apple switch also have properties in the industrial park that has surrounded by Mr. burns holding. So he bought land around mega corporate property surrounded them, I guess to some extent he's going to extending ring around there. I guess he's going to. Well, I mean, maybe that is what drove up some of the value of the land could be this week. He announced a memorandum of understanding with one of the state's main power companies envy. Energy to team up on projects that will run energy transactions through a blockchain Nevada county where this is all located story county has only about four thousand residents and was best known until recently for its history of silver mining, and it's modern Branca's, including one owned by a county Commissioner, I did say earlier, it better be sitting for one hundred and seventy million dollars for six thousand some acres. It better be sitting on a gold mine, apparently they did silver mining in that county. So maybe there's some extra benefits for nothing. Yeah. Same county Commissioner Lance Gilman bought the land surrounding the brothel turned it into an undemocratic park where tesla Google or now located blockchain has already received preliminary county support for a new town along the Turkey river with thousands of homes Turkey is. Sort of very close to the California border. I think Turkey is in in California Truckee river with thousands of homes a school and a drone delivery system, and it's working closely with the county on a broader master plan, this beginning to make more sense. Isn't it it sounded a little bit more sensible for now Blockchain's is empty land? And repurpose office building. Mr. burns said the company won't begin construction on the broader property until late twenty nineteen at the earliest after putting together the by the way, that's just going to be later than that. It always this. He's thinks this way is after putting together the master plan and getting it approved by the county, the office manager four thousand people in these people want you to put together a master plan. Of course, they do they want you to believe they know best. The these rednecks in the middle of sandy county, or whatever it is here. Are going to tell you whether or not this makes sense the office manager for mister burns old law office in Los Angeles. You wanna Rodriguez moved with her for children and husband to Nevada. He has these crazy ideas. But I know that every time he sets his mind to something he doesn't he will get. There's there's MRs Rodriguez twenty nine who's worked with Mr. burns for years and is now the manager of the Blockchain's office in Nevada. That's why I decided to move to spent most of his lever. Well, she's a believer in him. Yeah. And when you've seen enough, you know, Mr. burns spent most of his professional life on class action lawsuits. Many of them against financial companies. He learned about bitcoin in two thousand twelve was won over by another crypto currency a theory, which makes it possible to store more than just transaction date on the blockchain mister burns body third. The digital token associated with theory on a on a big sale in two thousand fifteen thanks to an astronomical increase in the price of ether and some well time selling last year. The it crashed knee became wealthy enough to fund his dream project. Unbelievable. Good for his good story. Theory is what he makes billionaire. Yeah. His community more than just a giant real estate project to understand why requires more than a bit of imagination in faith, every resident and employees. We'll have what amounts to an theory address, which they will use to vote on local measures and store their personal data. Mr Byrne believes the theory will give people a way to control their identity and online data without any governments or companies involved that is a widely shared view on the blockchain community, but there are significant questions about whether any of it can work in the real world. Most blockchain companies have failed to get this internet thing all about oh, it's just a fad. It'll never work. Yeah. What how many websites are still here that were here in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight when I got on the internet. Yahoo. Google probably existed. But I hadn't heard I think they started in like ninety nine or two thousand or something like that. AOL? There's probably a websites. They're still around just whether they relevant or knots and other question that's a good question. Not much things change and winners and losers. The, you know, the the trophy changes hands. But my my point in saying that was there were people in the nineteen ninety s whose attitude towards the internet. Yes is the same. As this attitude is towards blockchain talk. Well, no, this is going to do anything we can figure this out. That's one of the reasons that I his his whole thing here is is that what he's he's proposing to let people vote on the the blockchain. Well, that's a suggesting that our election system is in some way or another. So messed up that we're you know, picking winners and losers at such a terrible rate poorly. Does that make sense like me restate myself? That the blockchain is the truth. Right. The blockchain being a public ledger in this. I think that the elections in the United States. Close enough to the truth that we don't really need blockchain technology to fix that particular thing. Elections. The problem is is that idiots get votes. That's a problem. He just wants to make sure the idiots votes are counted correctly. If that's or maybe he wants more democracy. It's going to be a private town. So he can have whatever kind of setup he wants to dump enough money in democracy is gonna feel if you have if you dump enough money into it everything works socialism work look at Detroit in the nineteen sixties it worked because there was plenty of money any working now. That's because the money moves the happens. What happens with socialism? Yes. The people who are producers when get the hell out of there. Yeah. Well, if you give everybody a vote they're going to start voting for their own benefits. I don't know what the specifics are. You don't know what they're going to be voting on? So who knows what they will allow people to vote for and what they won't allow them to vote for. We don't know what the corporate structure or whatever. The ruling structure is giving away ninety percent. He says he says, I'm curious, it's a grand experiment. I mean, there's no doubt about it. But the the statement about well, we don't know if Blockchain's gonna be able I don't can you read the exact, quote where you just left us off on this. This critical statement about blockchain there are significant questions about whether any of it can work in the real world. Most blockchain companies have failed to gain any traction theorem and bitcoin networks have struggled to handle even moderate amounts of traffic. Okay. So those are things that could have easily been said about the internet in nineteen Ninety-three nine hundred ninety seven nineteen. I mean, you know, even now people will say that about internet in rural areas, and they say, it's it's struggles to handle even moderate amounts of traffic, hold that thought we're going to continue here because I think that they are figuring this stuff out. And a lot of these companies have been tremendously successful built from zero a lot of these blockchain related companies..

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