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To accept the sorts of things because it then cast doubt on things that might be legitimate. So that's one reason why i think. Yeah i. i'm with you. That against seems to me to be a bit of a out note. Throw the hall. Throw the baby out with the boss. Bathwater kind of approach though and i can understand that someone like andrew ball would tiktok's approach because now you've got one post in that we can point to and say. Look an aboriginal person physically climbs to be aboriginal. that was code out and therefore everything they sites wrong. But i don. I think a lot of outreach to everything else and the news you know even covid vaccine news in some some. It's a true some. it's a false. We have to sift it all went out. So if he's if he's sort of covid report of some sort and it was wrong about something you'd want that to be known like if whatever the issue might the blood blood clotting law infection rights or death. Rides metallica rights. Thing you'd be you'd be came to to for example. Identify ms truth but still be in five of a whole bunch of things but to be able to decide. We'll actually ends particular point. That's not right. Sure but on still in five only other thing to take that example. If we imagine we went back to something. Norman swan seeding march two thousand and twenty which was based on best evidence. We have time and turned out not to be true based on license evidence and we vincit moment trump. No-one sworn can't be trusted. Because of that one thing that he said via which was disproved then i think we give doing selves a big disservice because overall moments one has been very level right exactly but norman swung was acting on the advice of the time and he could say well. Here's the reports was getting an. He's hell i kind of this conclusion. Whereas the problem with pass cowie's a has clearly grabbed and created a fiction from things and he hasn't been honest in his in his use of explorers accounts and and his his research. He hasn't hey he could with him. We could say you went honest when you're looking at that intellectually. At least you not intellectually honest in the wii presented that material. We're now on the other hand believing the aboriginal experts that are coming out and saying we have evidence. That is different here. That also shows that aboriginal people have a rich culture. They have a lot of knowledge. They have an equal claim to the land right. Yeah yeah absolutely. So the positive about indigenous law and get they. What gets my thesis. Here is the way bruce pascoe. The experts can now disagree or agree to disagree or have different different opinions but what. It's don is changed the narrative in public to to really introduce a much logic awareness of the the an acceptance of the fact that aboriginal people had this lodge reach tradition. What format tixx. We're gonna have a big argument between breeze pesco warm hand trying to side but tiki resources and other people's a. particular sources. But we no longer it looks to me like the andrew bolts of the world have no no longer arguing that the average people have no culture. It's sounds a little bit today. Like signing somebody presenting something. That's wrong is providing a service because it's opening up the debate and we now have a debate that we didn't have before and to me. That's like we should be grateful for anti vaccine because we're having a debate about whether vaccines are good. Not to me to me..

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