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Older slug now. Ios man you know the thing about jackie chan bra jackie chan. That makes like what i'm saying. That the be fucking like eighty years old still do come their own stunt and shit like that so that man that man stray trust me. He probably went to their bat nicely and then they took his spot. Damn maybe you. The cain life real real didn't johnny cage and which stupid in my you're at the game laced town. Well fuck that is does was all because you didn't you need to get somebody be shown in that role. He doesn't show he plays it. does he know like i think. Drop the ball on that one. If you're going to introduce the character that no one ever heard of the had no ties to the game. You know you want to hear do some new blood lie touch. You liked like real young sam but there was nothing special about that. Well in my opinion even the fact that he had that he was passing. That bloodline was like gregory. Still trash trash that he killed the he'll like that was a look that way i did. He did. But just the way out. Where i visit gore going out nigga. Was you know what. I'm saying like totally but but again if we'd take to the first one was what johnny cage nuts kicked off of there so i mean talking yourself for damn it a first one then..

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