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Cates. KABC has dependable traffic when you need it most. They did clear rag here on the northbound five right before slots in avenue, and everything is busy as you come away from imperial highway continues slow of into east LA of ten they're doing some filming on the one ten in downtown. They have the one ten northbound side off ramp closed have four street due to filming activity. So both directions of that one. Then are extra busy as you travel through downtown. Southbound one zero one is slow from Normandy to the one ton the four zero five getting busy from the one one to Getty's center and the northbound four or five go between the ninety and the ten freeway other than some road construction in corona ninety one west between green river in the fifty five. You have his phone go ride from the seventy one bath track lanes. There are closed from green river to the fifty five and they will be closed until Monday morning and. Meanwhile, it looks like a busy ride as well on the five southbound as you leave low down to the one ten freeway.

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