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Is sponsored by discover an internal investigation is underway into the use of force after three prince George's county police officers were suspended yesterday after cell phone video shows an officer kicking a handcuffed suspect at a gas station in Langley park why do you think I am told police chief Hank Stawinski releasing that video he says in efforts to be transparent Stravinsky says he's both sorry and angry after seeing the video the Washington DC National Guard says it is investigating investigating the use of one of his helicopters using quoted aggressive show of force against protesters near the white house early Monday evening moments ago defense secretary mark esper esper says he ordered that investigation it wasn't until yesterday afternoon that we determined it was a National Guard helicopter that hovered low over a city block in DC within an hour or so of learning of this I directed the secretary of the army to conduct an inquiry to determine what happened and why in a report back to me secretary esper also insisting reports about what happened during Monday's crowd clearing before the president walked over to Saint John's church had inaccuracies I also want to address a few other matters that have been raised about that evening first National Guard forces did not fire rubber bullets or tear gas into the crowd as reported second guardsmen were instructed to wear helmets and personal protective equipment for their own protection not to service some form of intimidation as for adding he does his best to remain apolitical U. as U. S. health officials raised concerns about the large demonstrations spreading coronavirus governor Hogan today is announcing that the positivity rate in Maryland has dropped below ten percent for the first time since March to nine point five percent in current hospitalizations are at their lowest level since mid April there is free no appointment testing available today at six flags America in booty while in Virginia there are reports of an uptick in positive cases the divert Virginia department of health reporting an ominous six hundred sixty six new positive cases just days before most of Virginia will enter phase two though that does not include our area based on that data I feel calm boy allowing most of Virginia to move into phase two this Friday which will be June the fifth and I say most over Genya northern Virginia and the city of Richmond will remain in phase one Virginia governor Ralph Northam and while things are slowly getting back to normal in Virginia those struggling to pay bills won't lose their power any time soon leaving inter G. has announced plans to extend the no disconnection policy for another four months the current measure is due to expire on the fifteenth so the company is asking the state corporation commission for that extension that would run through October fourteenth along with the waving of late fees dominion says it's also expanding its long.

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