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The Hillary Clinton tweet on us she tweeted Putin's puppet is that again I I retweeted this if you follow me on Twitter and I said that you in your party hired a foreign spy to work with the Kremlin together up debunked gossip as a way to abuse it already inspired political opponents maybe she should have a seat on this one maybe she needs to have a I think this is one she can set out this is the one that she necessarily needs to get involved and just saying so we're gonna talk more about this I wanted to get to some of our other big stuff as well the other big story here that we're following today is that the FBI is now investigating the case of Illinois Mar and whether or not that that second the the second marriage that she had was that her brother this is so weird I swear even saying this she was telling friends years ago that the man who went on to become her second husband was in fact her brother and now there are individuals who are familiar with a couple that are speaking out on record the thing is is that she her first husband she said she married in a faith tradition her second one she said it will that they had married yeah it was made by Christian minister even though she's Muslim now the reason she likely did that is because how can you have a faith tradition marriage with your brother because in her face that's not allowed and her taking a second husband is not allowed so she would have had to of gone to someone outside of her faith community so that it would get found out that's why I think that's why she went to the Christian minister so now there are there is there actually looking into this because they think the and all of this by the way came out because of look this is all local reporting and it started from there and then national media began looking at this and there's a lot of independent reporting and investigating into this and the whole reason that this even it is we're all even aware of this is because she had used her campaign funds to hire a tax attorney to help her out of her tax mess because you have these two marriages that's what how she got caught and then from there it just it's just now we are where we are so we're gonna get into this we're going to get into the big guy gone with the wind parasite the movie trump made Hollywood Mandela how not to get the coronavirus we've got that for you will also get into Michael Bloomberg is defending his goofy at even the FCC commissioner has weighed in on all of the stuff that Twitter is going to give the audience the ability to apparently vote on your tweets which that that's going to go well so we're gonna have that we're gonna have a latest with Nunez Faiza pelo see everything so you don't wanna miss a bit of it because there's a lot to get into and we're gonna open up phone lines and we got a book it away as well as we get moving on into all of this first off you need to make sure that you get car show before I I I don't I don't know why people want to spend more money I've actually had a sense of repair on my car I don't think that you can get any car now it's a bit less you get something that's super all without all of the stuff but then I would imagine that that's kind of a money pit but I don't know how people would turn something like this down I don't understand it my sensor on my car and it was a little bit C. thing was like eighteen hundred dollars is that ridiculous I want to sit here like tell you all about Mike my ordeals of my vehicle but I'm just saying this is literally why car shield exists a few have a vehicle and these things are said this tech is expensive to fix this wider commercial I call partial that they handle it the cool thing is that you can go to a mechanic you trust or for let me just go to.

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