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See. That's the thing I because. Did we switch realities and she just happens to be asleep in this new reality when we get there. was she having the linear dream of? Of Rita and or Or was it from this point on, it could all be different is is that what happened now? It's different in. This is just what we're seeing. Yeah, no! That's the thing I don't know and I. Don't because I feel like. I feel like her waking up. into reality. Is Too, facile David Lynch. Yeah like I think there's there's more it's too straightforward. Just straightforward to linear I think there's more going on here who? Yeah. Yeah, there's more going on. Than just. PRISCILA NCIA was a dream and postal NCO's, real. Even though there are so many parallels. It's almost like. You know because what we find what we find out is. Rita is now canola. And so she is the girl. And that audition went badly not well and. All that, so it's almost like. A good version of what her life could have been a not so. Easy version of the way her life could have been so it could be that again like I said you've got. Irene showing up tiny and now I! Know All bets are off so I have no idea no idea. Yeah, it's. It's almost like you have to put everything on a big spinning wheel and like okay. This is the answer for this as you spin the wheel, and whatever comes up comes up because I. Don't think there is a clear cut answer here it. It's almost kind of like you know this this. Really Complex tapestry that fold on itself. Like a pretzel. And And It's nothing clear-cut here obviously so. so, what happens at this point now that? We've shifted. We're shifting from one reality to another reality. because. We wake Diane Selwyn wakes up presumably. Right Diane Selwyn. is now played by Dami Watts, so betty is now, Dianne. Right for the and so this is where it gets a little tricky kids. So. In in this reality, Betty is era. Excuse me Diane's. Confuse. Diane is a young Canadian woman who wanted to Jessica. Contest came to Hollywood looking for that fame and fortune..

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