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Troy. It's not a full house, but I don't know what the percentages but they're They're pretty much filling the building with some space and social distancing in between, and national anthem time in a couple minutes, it's going to sound like we got a full bar, so let's get to some items of business before the anthem, starting with the injury report. Sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. The card to carry through it all. Add to the list Duncan Keith and Brett Conley out for the season concussion protocol, and we wish those two gentlemen all the best. In the speedy recovery, along with Adam, both quest wrist surgery done for the season Calvin to Han Day today with the hip problem. He has been practicing Ryan Carpenter concussion protocol as well. He is out and Kirby Doc. Aggravations of scar tissue from surgery done for the season for the rest of them. Jonathan Tape Alex Knee lander, Zach Smith. Brent Seabrook and Andrew Shaw, all on long term injured reserve. We wish everybody the best of health and get back into the line up this soon as possible. Those of you that can now time for tonight's keys to the game sponsored by Bud Light. Detroit right over there in front of you. There's a bud light there. I wish there was but there is not a piece of the game. First one play with fried. Give it everything you've got. I mean, this is a You are amazing opportunity for some of these young kids to play the last couple of games in front of fans, and I think you can get off to a good start in this one. Dallas was eliminated last night, so all their hopes and everything coming into this set a game against the Hawks have kind of gone to the side as far as getting a playoff opportunity. That's not gonna happen. So play with pride and play with heart and gumption here. Second key is work on the defensive structures. One thing Jeremy Carlton is harping on to finish off the season strong. The third key is pucks and bodies. Let's fill the net tonight. How about that? I'm well, right there with you. The Blackhawks in the Dallas Stars. I'm gonna shut up for just a second. Yeah, that's real fan noise, folks. They've been piping it in for a while now up until today, and it's just so great to hear the fans and see him back in this building. Man does my heart good black ops in the Dallas Stars In the first of two games to end this regular season, Troy talked about it. The Stars were eliminated from playoff contention last night. It would probably be pretty tough to have to sit there and watch the game on TV and know that your fate is sealed that you are not gonna make the playoffs and I'm sure that was the emotion felt like All of the Stars players and be very interesting to see how they play here this afternoon. But they're professionals. We.

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