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Yeah with McCartney talked about making something has not yet happened, but you never know. I would be. Interested to see how that works. A major settled down into podcast world, and was it the allure of doing it with Malcolm glad well, and was hetland like why? Why is that now? Another Part Party your? Can give a small preface for this question, so I. Did you very first podcast? was that something like that? One of one of the first the pilot, but yeah you're you're in there. Okay I literally had no idea what I was walking into 'cause you know sometimes my business. Be just little bit Janke. So. I was I was on my way to studio thinking. I was doing ACCUA LS episode. ooh, because it was the same studio wherever we interviewed. Heather Hunter or that Jazz Studio that Steve Recommend. I got there and I was like Oh shit I'm here to do a less episode with Malcolm Glatt well. I was like wait. Where's where's the in everyone at and then I was like wait. Rick Rubin you're on this episode to and I just winged it about twenty minutes into it. I realized. Oh I'm here. I gotta read my emails better. I'm here to deny the interview. You've got to prepare for. Ryan Amir like being interviewed by at least those two, sometimes the seat. Would just freestyle and a podcastone having no. Clue what I'm there for and just getting lucky so when I did their episode I literally went to that building. Thinking it's a Malcolm. Glad well episode of course Love Supreme. Even want to Rick Rubin's face on the television thing because he did about monitor I was Hella confused I was like wait a minute?.

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