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Yes it is free talk. Live the sunday night edition. We are the live call in radio. Talk program that speaks from the perspective of peace freedom liberty and prosperity. But it's also the show that you can call in and take control of the airwaves. Talk about whatever's on your mind. The telephone number to do show is six zero. Three two eight three six one six zero again six. Oh three two eight three six one six. Oh and we'll get to your calls and thoughts momentarily in the studio tonight. It has myself the lord. Reverend captain kick ass joining me. Pickles mountaineer and melanie. I have forgotten like for the past almost two weeks. Now that i had the lord title as well haven't been mentioning. The lord part and i just remembered how humble of you combine for like ten dollars on the internet stars. I think i paid like fifty bucks. It's I can't remember the name of the website right now. He owns one square foot of scotland. Now buying star on the internet is not a valid method of home studying correct but it is a valid method of lordship apparently valid as any other guests. And so i'm trying to remember. If i remember it i'll say it on the Because it's it's just fun. It's nobody i just did it. Specifically to get the title because i thought well i don't have enough titles stroke so i should get right. At any rate we have been asking folks to visit the crypto six dot com if they want to donate to the legal fund for these six people who have been arrested in the indictment that caused the terrorists calling themselves government to bus down this building that we are in here at the free talk. Live studio as well as the crypto mecca. That is known as what we call the place. The crypto mecca known as the bitcoin embassy thing. Oh thank you. They raided the bitcoin embassy. The you're are pointing at the wrong guy for that information you know. I don't try to keep you on your toes. I don't think i've even been there. I point in your general direction. Who knows what. I'm going to say we do that anyway. Please if you can find it in your heart. Donate to the crypto six dot com. If you are new to bitcoin you can go to. Bitcoin dot com. Bitcoin dot com is the best source for learning about crypto currency. You can go there now and click on get started at the top of the page once you do that. You will find a cornucopia of information neatly organized by your needs. There's no longer any excuse to be ignorant of this very important and world changing information if you are knowledgeable crypto user already checkout news dot bitcoin dot com where you can get the latest headlines of all the news relevant to you. Bitcoin dot com is your source for buying crypto currency. Getting a wallet app mining trading and all the latest crypto currency news on a very slick and easy to use website. Please visit bitcoin dot com Let's go to your calls and thoughts. Were going to go first to tom. Who's calling from new hampshire tom. You're on free freetalklive good evening. It's about the mass shooting in boulder colorado. Where they're you know they're jumping at the opportunity to use that as an excuse for gun control of course look at all the people who are killed by idiot drivers and so what are they do. Oh they plow snow onto the sidewalks to punish people for walking traffic lights without crosswalk lights. they Make sure that you have to buy a car so they put in these outrageous zoning restrictions to prevent people from living closer to where they can work shop or go. The government killed a lot of people in the corona virus simply by preventing people from Getting tested they Had to tests companies providing Faulty test kids and also. The outbreak in the state of washington was discovered by somebody who illegally went ahead and did some testing anyway. They were forbidden tests some samples and the outbreak. You know was getting worse and worse and they the blowing. The whistle was delayed that much. The government is killing people. I think the hilarious thing by the way about that shooting is that the concert got killed. Used to live on columbine street. That's the name of the streets that he irony of but You know on on the subject of gun control. I have looked into it a little bit. Not a whole bunch. But i can tell you that colorado has all of the gun control laws. They have the waiting periods. They have the illegal bump stocks. They have you know all of the things that leftists generally clamor for. When gun control comes up they have all of the laws in place and none of that prevented this guy from getting a gun so to take guns away from other people who've never harmed anybody is a farce and i think that it is just a political move. Also this type of a subject comes up. I always like to point out. That government is so convinced that taking guns away from people makes it a safer place. Then i want government to lead by example. That is to say government. Give up your guns. Give up your bombs. Give up your tanks give up your aircraft carriers. Give up your automatic weapons. Give up your fifty cows give up all of the weapons of destruction and show us how it's done lead by example about the sign on the post office door. That says that it's a criminal offense to bring a gun in there like that's going to stop a criminal but if you get a slip of paper in your mail box and okay the the internal revenue service is going to come and take everything you own unless you respond you. There's a certified letter you gotta go to get at the post office. You walk on down to the post office. You can either walk their unarmed. Both the point of owning a gun. If you can't bring it with you when you go for a walk and you can't bring it with you because there's no place at the door to leave it while you go in to sign for the paper..

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