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He has shown that he has been durable. His accuracy is better. His decision making is better. He's better and cliff. Cannot in his first attempt, I crack first draft at a job that there are more people that think he should not have them people that think he should have swing and miss at an opportunity to draft. This guy has to happen. And if somehow someway, he does not and Cuyler succeeds somewhere while Josh Rosen continues to be the worst of the five first round quarterbacks. We saw come out last year, despite the fact, and I understand his team is awful, frankly. So Sam Donald's so Josh Allens team. By the way, the Browns weren't exactly great last year before last season either. But if he doesn't take him. I'm looking at you Cincinnati. I'm tired of hearing about Jacksonville. And I'm tired of hearing about Miami. I know they need quarterbacks. I'm tired about here in Oakland. Are we not sick and tired? And I'm not a bingles fan. We not although sick and tired of the Andy Dalton era. You've got a new head coach you've got a coach that once. To be able to groom new quarterback. What Ty what connection is that Taylor have dandy dole? It's time. I'm looking at you Cincinnati Bengals for the love of goodness. If Kyla Marie is on the board, and you need to trade up to get him. Or if he falls to you at eleven you take him Doreen. Okay with you. It's first and last ESPN radio ESPN app will get into later what Mel kiper nicer day radio partner. And of course, draft analyst says it will take for somebody to take Cuyler Murray. He won't be on the board long be a far cry from Halong Bryce Harper's been on the board. Manny Machado has been on the board. This is a problem. If you love baseball there is a problem looming. We'll dive into that next. And by the way, you want to be a part of the show feel free to do that. I don't know if you're up this early. I certainly hope you are or this late. If you're on the west coast, you're driving a truck across great land you want to chime in eight say ESPN, eight eight.

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