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With you it's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster you have good you know the the term good days and bad days doesn't even apply you have good hours and bad hours on a good one this is a good one this is very much enjoyed our chat no i the busier i'm keeping myself the better i'm feeling you know like there was they were times wrong you know you have that that little driver tantrum in your head and you're like well i don't want to do any of this stuff because i'm in a bad mood and blah blah blah but it's the more i did stuff the the more it kinda like eight talking about it helped get helps you get over it and staying busy just kind of takes your mind off a little bit sundays probably gonna suck there's no way around that the start of the racist really gonna suck absolutely then when i see how hard it is out there i might i might think it sucks a little less but yeah yeah no it's yeah it's it's been great obviously the fan support has just been dish just been completely overwhelming yeah it's just been incredible gotta be therapeutic on some level on some level for sure i mean it's the honestly one of the hardest parts man was was just just being back with the crew like right afterwards getting back to the garage and like seeing a group of like ten grown men literally brought to tears over what's just happened you know it just it shows you how much this race means you know if we had a really bad crash in qualifying detroit on saturday morning and didn't couldn't get the car fixed and time for sunday we'll be like man that really sucks all right we'll fix the car won't come back next week but like not getting the start indie man is just it's such a gut punch for these guys for all of us and but at the same time i think it brought us closer as a group and we're deaf there's there were mistakes made that were definitely going to learn from there's no doubt that we come back a stronger unit because of this emotionally from a preparation point of view from an execution point of view so you know like i said it actually.

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